the dandybeards

the dandybeards


Low-fi, indie folk-pop from two lovers living in sin. Stories about growing up and facing death (and life for that matter), set to cracked melodies and energetic hooks.


Mimi and I share a love of 1960s pop & girl groups, sappy 1970s acoustic singer/songwriters, 1980s synthy new-wave and early 90s low-fi indie rock, so when we moved in together we decided that we should form a band, called the dandybeards, that would bring together our favorite elements from all of these styles. The idea sat there, like many ideas, not doing much of anything until our roommate, Cincinnati artist Kari Rosenberg, was killed in a car accident a year ago. We decided that we wanted to do something to preserve Kari's memory, so we got the dandybeards up and running, contacted all of our artist & musician friends and staged a benefit concert/art show that raised $18,000 to start a scholarship in Kari's name. After that, we just felt like the dandybeards should carry on, so we signed with (Dayton indie label) Agriculture Records and set to making a record. That record is "the dandybeards meet ghost bear." It is nearly finished and will be released in July 2006, and it is everything that we (the dandybeards) have to say about our fallen friend, the ghost bear.


the dandybeards meet ghost bear (Agriculture Records-2006)

We recently played a few songs live on

Set List

Recent setlists have looked like this:

1. Here (Pavement cover)
2. Trumpet
3. Bathtub Song
4. Banjo Ghost
5. Seen the Light
6. Murder Most Merry
7. Barstool
8. Bluegrass
9. Giraffe Song
10. Delta Gamma
11. Don't Know Where...
12. BEAR

Most of our sets are 30-45 minutes and include one cover, generally something by either Pavement or Donovan.