the Danger

the Danger


Rock and Roll which is informed by early British Invasion, 70's Glitter, Indie and Punk music.


The Danger are a band based out of the Milwaukee/ Chicago area. We take great pride in the fact that up to this point, all of the Recording, Mixing and Managing of The Danger has strictly been within the band. Our latest release is a full length entitled " A Northern City Shift" (2006), which has had recent airplay by Richard Milne on Chicago's XRT radio station. We've built a following locally between Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago , but are making plans to expand regionally and nationally through touring and press.


1 LP - Confession Sessions (2002)
1 EP - Sketches From a Small Room (2004)
1 LP- A Northern City Shift (2006)

Set List

Set lists range from 30- 75 min

no covers

between 7 and 15 songs