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The best kept secret in music


"Around Hear"

May 2004

Though their cocky, clean-cut image visually recalls The Knack, there's nothing new wave about The Danger. On their dynamic debut, Confession Sessions, the band's raw, garage-punk attitude is powerful and palpable, especially on straightforward songs like "Can't Sit Still" and "Transistor Resistor." Guitars wail and drums pound through all 11 cuts, proving the five members of the group are not only angry young men, but also competent musicians. (Contact:
-- Jeff Berkwits - Illinois Entertainer

"The Danger- "Confession Sessions" CD"

Fluorescent pink five-piece combo, straight out outta the snow topped hinterlands of Wisconsin. It came from the Great Lakes ... on first listen I'm impressed by their busy hybrid of 70's punk and punchy pub rock of EDDIE & THE HOT RODS variety. They don't aim to turn the world over, rather to rock some and hit the right notes when possible. Complicated but never arrogant or asinine. THE DANGER remind me of Belgium's KIDS, which is to be taken as a compliment. Neat sort of wraparound sound from THE DANGER. (JH) - Maximum RocknRoll

"In Your Ear"

In your ear

The Danger

By Evan Rytlewski

Posted: March 16, 2006

The Danger doesn't feel very welcome in Kenosha these days.

Its members got their start playing in the area's punk scene, but they formed the group out of a shared a desire to move beyond the usual hardcore influences.

Together, The Danger branched out to explore a more traditional rock 'n' roll sound, grounded in the music of T. Rex, Chuck Berry and Iggy Pop.

The guys were excited to unveil their new project, but when they brought it to the stage for the first time, their punk-minded peers didn't share their enthusiasm.

"When we came out, we were completely different from what they expected," singer Thomas Culkin recalled. "Some of them were not cool with that; they were violently opposed to it. We actually had people physically threaten us."

The band found asylum in Milwaukee and has continued to move away from its raucous roots toward a calmer, more melodic sound. "People just seem to get us here," Culkin said.

"One of our original members recently left the band, and that's really changed our dynamic," Culkin said. " We went from a guitarist that sounds like Johnny Thunders to a guitar player that sounds more like Neil Young or (The Smith's) Johnny Marr. Now the songwriting is the star."

The Danger hopes Milwaukee will continue to show the band some love at its next show, a benefit concert to recover the costs of some gear that was stolen from the band last December.

It was a financial blow to the group, but Culkin tries to put the best face on the situation.

"Bands get their equipment ripped off all the time," he said, "so I kind of view it as a rite of passage." - mkeonline

"Brew City Sludge"

"Brew City Sludge"

by : Lane Klozier

published : March 3-April 6, 2006 in Maximum Ink

Some people say The Danger are from Milwaukee, some people say they're from Chicago. Who cares? These guy's kick ass, even when they are playing someone else's material. Their record 'Contamination: A Tribute to David Bowie' is a work of art. Their original material is an excellent mix of Stooges/Bowie/Beatles/Stones that is as infectious at the artists they obviously embrace. With glam and pre-west coast punk on the rise, this band is a sure bet for anyone who likes to put on a little make-up before hitting the clubs. Get your bad self all New York Dolls and head out to the Mad Planet Mar. 18 to experience The Danger. - Maximum Ink


1 LP - Confession Sessions (2002)
1 EP - Sketches From a Small Room (2004)
1 LP- A Northern City Shift (2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Danger are a band based out of the Milwaukee/ Chicago area. We take great pride in the fact that up to this point, all of the Recording, Mixing and Managing of The Danger has strictly been within the band. Our latest release is a full length entitled " A Northern City Shift" (2006), which has had recent airplay by Richard Milne on Chicago's XRT radio station. We've built a following locally between Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago , but are making plans to expand regionally and nationally through touring and press.