The Danger Nuts

The Danger Nuts


We play the most dangerous surf rock music on the planet.


Begun in Feb 08. Originally a weekly "jam" band, covering the usual jam band artists - Allman Bros, Hendrix, Cream, Zep, SRV, etc. Near the end of the summer of '08, the loss of one guitarist led to the addition of Danger Shread. A suggestion to give a listen to "Los Straitjackets" turned the weekly jam band into "The Danger Nuts." Shred and Slash began writing short, quick "Hit 'em hard" Surf Rock instrumentals. We haven't looked back since.


The Danger Nuts are an "Indie" band. A single, self-produced CD, "Pulsa Uno Para Ingles" was released in March '09.

Set List

Being a relatively new band, or repertoire is small. Our set list is comprised of 10-15 originals, filled with select songs from the classic surf rock artists like Dick Dale, The Ventures, Eddie and the Showmen, along with current surf rockers Los Srtaitjackets. We also enjoy turning classic TV themed into "Dangerous" surf rock songs, like The Munster, Batman, Peter Gunn, and The Simpsons.