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Robbie Tucker

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Taxi Critique GreenRoom"

Style: Singer songwriter with an indie sensibility and rufus wainwrights vocal abilities

Poor Fella: What a fun tune, love the arrangement, fantastic piano performance!

It's all in Your Diary: Really powerful song! I love what you do with the arrangement for the last two rounds, in what is essentially the bridge and the outro, really creative & moving.

I'm Sorry: Pretty melodies really shows off your voice

Overall Comments: Dear Robbie,
What an impressive round of tunes, performances, beautiful vocals and arrangement ideas. Your doing very original work, It's all in Your Diary is really strong, well all the songs are strong but Diary has a hell of an emotional punch.
Great work - TAXI - the world's leading independant A&R company

"A passion for his touchstones, the Beatles and Roy Orbison, fuels this acoustic rocker"

With 2007's "Green Room" Robbie Tucker continues to grow as an artist while preserving his roots; both musical and personal. His passion for his touchstones, the Beatles and Roy Orbison, is still in evidence but Robbie doesn't forget that in their day these artists were groundbreakers and experimentalists.This third full album reaches high and shows that Robbie is not satisfied to merely play to his strengths but wants to bang against the restrictions of conventional pop formula.

The opening three tracks culminating in the extremely catchy "Marissa" are the most straightforward ones and serve to show Robbie as a pop rocker. Then things get interesting as he stretches his vocal and instrumental chops to their breaking limits. His ode to his brother "Jason Michael" morphs into a trippy kaleidoscopic ending that McCartney would be truly jealous of while "The Carnival" is a showcase for Robbie's ability to play a character in a song, it is dramatic and cinematic but not forced. Another highlight is the instrumental "Sexy French Man", with it's rootsy approach.

One day this artist will make a grand statement and "The Green Room" is another step in that positive direction. - Stephen Macknight


2003 - The Ledden Street Sessions (Robbie Tucker Solo)
2006 - Songs From Apt#12 (Robbie Tucker Solo)
2007 - GreenRoom (Robbie Tucker Solo)



In the Summer of 2007 I posted an ad on a popular classifieds Website. I was looking for musicians who would join me on stage for the {yootooltip title=[release of my 3rd album GreenRoom.]}Watch Robbie Tucker: An Introduction, a short documentary film by Isabelle Lacombe focusing on the day leading up to the GreenRoom release party.{/yootooltip} From that ad I met the very talented J�r�me Labont�, guitarist, vocalist, composer and a passionately dedicated musician.

After the release party we continued to work together on new tunes as well as getting more solid arrangements down for the ones we had. One day during a rehearsal at J�r�me's house, the music we were playing caught the attention of his roommate and musician Guillaume Turcotte. Not too long after that J�r�me spoke with his good friend from Quebec city Fran�ois Leclerc and talked him into playing bass.

Well the band continued to grow my Parkinson's kicked into another gear, coupled with bizarre side effects from the medication I was about to go through a rough patch. Click here to read more about Robbie Tucker living with Parkinson's disease. Although I had become somewhat musically unavailable J�r�me and I continued to work together on seeing the band evolve in a positive direction.

Enter the Brass.

I have always loved horns. Big fat horns. It's no surprise that the next stage of the game was the addition of a small brass section. Since no charts had been written out for any of my music J�r�me began working on a four part arrangement.
With each new (younger) edition to the band I felt a rebirth of my music. Music that I had worked on and recorded in my bedroom was now coming to life onstage and it felt good, really good. The dedication and inborn desire to make music I had felt for more then 20 years now surrounded me.
On Stage with the Crayons

I cannot think of a greater feeling then being onstage with these talented musicians. They have allowed me to bring my songs to life like I have only experienced in dreams. True passion for and ability to make music results in a great musician and I am truly honored to be surrounded by such talents, desire and love for music.

Robbie Tucker