The Dangerous ones

The Dangerous ones


The Dangerous Ones combine a energetic blend of rock to create a truly unique sound and presence. Their performances are condensed and focused communicating with clarity under the pretense that the best way to reach people is through the sounds they relate to.


The Dangerous Ones are a band based out of Brooklyn, New York. Their style encompasses Rock, Funk, Reggae, Blues, and Punk. The group focuses on strong songwriting to build a live sound that is conducive to both lyrical and instrumental explosiveness. The band was formed in October of 2006 as a combination of three regionally successful acts. The Dangerous Ones have used their accumulative experience to create an extremely strong project. The band is now gearing up to tour regionally in support of their debut album "Thirteen". The album is a collection of the past 2 years of the bands trials working to congeal as a musical force and gleans the future through their lessons from the past. With an almost retro feel channeling the spirit of The Wailers with the brash audacity of Operation Ivy and early Chili Peppers. On paper it might sound like a bunch of random influences but The Dangerous Ones have really learned to pull it all together on and off stage with surgical precision.


Thirteen released October 19th 2009

Set List

Trouble With You
Rattling Chains
Turquoise Heart
City of Destiny
Red Tape
Our set list normally ranges from 35 to 55 minutes