The Danglers

The Danglers


Violin, Upright Bass, Keys and Drums. Not gentile acoustic but distorted hard rock. Fantastically passionate and visually stimulating live performance.


Combine a violinist and upright bassist that met just before dropping out of their college orchestras with a drummer that learned that craft from years of jazz and traditional music enthusiasm and a keyboardist that got his music degree studying 20th century classical, and take into account the common factor that all of them cut their chops playing in high school heavy metal bands, and you get The Danglers. You have never heard a violinist play like Jason Loveall. Forget the token (usually pretty female) violinist that plays "twee twee to loo" and sounds like they've never even heard of a distortion pedal, forget the soulless 70's fusion of Jean Luc Ponty, and forget the simplistic out of tuneness of what's-his-name from The Dirty Three. Loveall conjures spirits and blazes trails with his playing. Gelting alternately attacks and makes love to his upright bass, taking it all the way from warm mellow bass lines to fuzzed out echo laden cacophony. Sparrow has the fastest drum roll one can imagine (was that Buddy Rich you just thought of?) and drives the band with tasteful displays of virtuosity. Matt Long pulls the essence of psycedalia out of his synths while being a walking encyclopedia of what seems like every chord progression and song written in the past century. And their songwriting and renditions of covers pays homage to, while not blandly regurgitating, the gods of the pantheon of rock. Not only to hear, but also to see these unlikely characters making such heavy music is a not soon forgotten treat for all who witness.


1999 - Fauk Kack - EP
2000 - The Danglers - full length album
2002 - We Had Heaven - EP
2005 - (soon to be released)
Various tracks have recieved airplay on area college stations.

Set List

A typical set list changes a fair amount depending on the night. Sometimes we play one 45 minute set, sometimes three, sometimes in a large rock club, sometimes a small cafe. What we would probably play at an event like the CMJ festival would be all our own newer as of yet unreleased songs with a few older songs and only the smalll chance of a cover, depending on how sausy we feel. something like this:

Comet Czar
Enola Gay
We Had Heaven
Winter Sheets
Eating Myself
Jet Propultion Candy
Dead But Dreaming
Transvestite Bullshit

The covers we would choose these days could be many, including, but not limited to:
Astronomy Domine - Pink Floyd
Sailor's Tale - King Crimson
Manic Depression - Jimi Hendrix
Stigmata - Ministry
Thoughts - Chico Hamiltion
Ferryboat Bill - The Velvet Underground
Wille The Pimp - Frank Zappa
Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles
Confessions - The Violent Femmes
We're Gonna Groove - Led Zeppelin
Dead Skin Mask - Slayer