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The Daniel Green Show

Tel Aviv, Israel | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | MAJOR

Tel Aviv, Israel | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock




"The Daniel Green Show Releasing Between Two Worlds August 19th"

Tel Aviv native Daniel Green will be releasing the debut album Between Two Worlds with his band The Daniel Green Show on August 19, 2016. Recorded in Los Angeles, the eight-song album features three tracks with guitar virtuoso Marc Ford (The Black Crowes, Burning Tree, Ben Harper).

The first single/video to be released, “Here Comes the Silence,” hits the street on July 15. The song has a dreamlike quality to it, showcasing his deft guitar work and straightforward, almost menacing, vocals.

He explains:

“It’s about when there’s nothing left but silence when a long term relationship becomes a burden; when two people come to a place when they can’t stand each other, and everything they say to each other is unbearable.” - Modernfix

"Israeli Blues Rockers THE DANIEL GREEN SHOW Announce Debut Album, Featuring Guitarist Marc Ford‏"

Tel Aviv native DANIEL GREEN is proud to announce the release of his debut album with his band THE DANIEL GREEN SHOW on August 19. Recorded in Los Angeles, the eight-song album features three tracks with guitar virtuoso Marc Ford (The Black Crowes, Burning Tree, Ben Harper).

Having already achieved a level of notoriety in Israel, GREEN credits artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Black Crowes, Nirvana and Radiohead with influencing his musical sound. “When I was a small child, I saw Hendrix on TV playing his guitar and setting it on fire…that’s when I knew I had to become a guitar player! In Tel Aviv, the best way to hear new music was by listening to the radio. When I heard the opening riffs of ‘Sting Me’ by The Black Crowes, it was the trigger for me to finally make music my life’s work. I used to sit and learn the songs from their albums and I would copy Marc Ford’s solos, and now he’s playing on my debut album. It’s a dream come true for me.” According to Ford, “Playing on this project was a great experience, and I wish the best for Daniel’s career!”

The first single/video to be released, “Here Comes the Silence,” hits the street on July 15. The song has a dreamlike quality to it, showcasing GREEN’s deft guitar work and straightforward, almost menacing, vocals. “It’s about when there’s nothing left but silence when a long term relationship becomes a burden; when two people come to a place when they can’t stand each other, and everything they say to each other is unbearable,” GREEN explains.

The title track, “Between Two Worlds,” is a surrealistic musical journey about the relationship between GREEN and his creator. “It details my voyage in life, facing my desires, and the understanding that God is everything and everywhere, and that we really don’t control our lives…it’s all planned for us.”

Boasting bluesy guitars and singsong lyrics, the upbeat tune “Dead Man” tells the story of a fictitious famous musician who died long ago. “His name, music and even his spirit, are being used by his family to cash in on his legacy.”

“Chasing Ghosts” showcases GREEN’s gravelly vocals, and features bluesy rhythm guitar work and also a rocking, crunchy guitar solo from Marc Ford. “This song tells the story of a complicated love/hate relationship between two good friends with similar personalities who have conflict and don’t trust each other.” Ford also lent his guitar talents to “Hypocrite,” and co-wrote “Reservoir Road” with GREEN.

The band gives an all out live performance that draws its audience into its rock n’ roll dreamscape. “I don’t play by society’s standards…I do everything in a wild and free way,” explains GREEN. “I improvise a lot onstage and I go by the audience’s mood. If I see people dancing and jumping, it inspires me to play louder and funkier. I change up my showmanship all the time.”

“When writing this album, I tried to keep in mind that my audience is people like me, who love honest, straight-up rock n’ roll. Even if only one person in 100 relates to my music, then to me it’s a success.” - Vents Magazine

"An article about Daniel Green, by Tomer Keren. June 2nd, 2016"

Daniel Green was born and raised in Herzliya, Israel, as Zachi Green.
After he finished his military service he started using his middle name, Daniel, as his first name.
He then relocated to Tel Aviv, a city his family has an emotional connection with.
“My family is among the founders of Tel Aviv, and they've often talked with us about the history of this magnificent city”, he says.

After he ended his military service Daniel learned about sound in Yoav Gera’s school of sound, and after he graduated, when he realized he was not going to make a living in that profession, he turned to advertising and marketing.
“I started as a sales advisor in one of the local newspapers, among other things I managed the marketing of a leading design studios, and then I worked in a hi tech company in Rehovot, but my heart has always been in music, especially since getting my first guitar, at 15”.

All these years Daniel has recorded songs and collaborated with Israeli musicians and bands, including rock and trance music bands. His songs aired on most radio stations in Israel. Today he’s the sales manager at a big fashion chain store and works with real estate as well.

18 months ago Daniel decided to pool his resources towards working in music and began searching for appropriate partners. While his band was being created, he got a surprising offer from abroad, and last summer he performed in prestigious clubs in America and collaborate with international artists.
On June 7th Daniel is going to perform with his band at the “Tzuamen”, on Lilenblum street in Tel Aviv, and in August he is going to fly to America for a tour, and in order to promote his debut album “Between Two Worlds”.

What is special about show?
“The show is a rock show with no compromise, in high volume, just like rock needs to be, with ad-libs. Each show is different that the previous one, in the way we perform or deliver them. We have a strong stage presence, and of course a 60’s-70’s sound, but with contemporary performance".
Who is an inspiring role model for you?
"Jimi Hendrix and The Black Crows have always been and still are an inspiring role model for me. My whole outlook has changed after being exposed to their music".
As a resident of Tel Aviv, do you expect the city leaders to give more financial support to artists and singers?
“I think that Tel Aviv’s municipality is doing a lot for the culture in the city, but at the same time I would expect them to financially support artists, no matter if they are musicians or painters, so that they have the freedom to create. Without a doubt, if I could focus 100% on music, my musical outcome would have been better".
Where do you stand in regards to the controversy around culture minister Miri Regev? Do you support the steps she takes in order to bring culture out to the suburbs?
“My opinion is that whoever deals with culture has to understand culture. No one would hire a skipper to be a pilot. That’s why there is no controversy here and her opinion is totally populistic. In regards to Galgalatz, my opinion divides to 2: You cannot force a radio station to air what it doesn’t like to air. On the other hand I have an issue with a military radio station getting to dictate to an entire country which songs would be hit songs and which would not”.
Doesn’t it feel awkward to you to sing in English when your family founded the first Israeli city?
“Not really. I don’t really see any connection between these two facts. I just feel more natural singing in English”.

More details about Daniel Green’s shows on Facebook: The Daniel Green Show.

Singer songwriter Daniel Green, a descendant of one of the founding families of Tel Aviv, although he was actually born in Herzeliya, but pretty soon he came back to his roots in the city that never sleeps. Just before he flies for a tour in the United States he talks about Rock and Roll, Miri Regev’s revolution and the support he expects to get from the city's municipality. - Tel Aviv’s local newspaper

"Daniel Green a new album on the way"

הסיפור של דניאל מתחיל בילדות בהרצליה. רק שהאהבה הראשונה שלו עשויה מעץ ומפיקה צלילים הרמוניים ומרגיעים. היא חודרת אל הנשמה הוא מחייך. וכאשר היא חודרת אל הנשמה שלי – זה עובר בשירים. “זה מדבק” אני אומרת לו, הוא אומר בחיוך”הכי מדבק”.

יכולתי לבחור בין מחשב או גיטרה ליום ההולדת.. הוא אמר אבל בחרתי בגיטרה ומאז איננו נפרדים. למרות שלאחר הצבא עבד דניאל במכירות ואף הצליח, הוא מעולם לא שכח את אהבתו הראשונה והגעגוע למוסיקה בער בו עד שיום אחד, בשנת 2008 הוא נכנע והקליט ארבעה שירים באולפן ביתי.

השירים הושמעו בתחנות רדיו בישראל ואפילו בארצות הברית אבל מכאן ועד להמשך סיפור הסינדרלה המופלא הזה – הדרך עוד ארוכה. הוא המשיך להקליט חומרים והם החלו להצטבר ולהצטבר כאשר הוא מבשיל כמוסיקאי, מתבגר והופך ליוצר איכותי ומבריק.

הזמר הישראלי דניאל גרין יצא לסיבוב הופעות בארצות הבריתהזמר הישראלי דניאל גרין יצא לסיבוב הופעות בארצות הברית
בשלב מסויים, העלה דניאל ליוטיוב מספר שירים והוא קיבל פניה אחת שונה משאר הפניות. Dawn Lennette צלצלה אליו מארצות הברית והרעיפה מחמאות. היא כל כך אהבה את הקטעים ששמעה שפתחה בפניו רעיון להגיע לארצות הברית למסע הופעות. דניאל גדל וצמח בהרצליה. הוא לא הכיר אנשים מן התעשייה בארצות הברית והרעיון נראה רחוק שנות אור. אך, Dawn Lennette אמרה כי יש לה מעט קשרים וכי היא תוכל לארגן לו מסע הופעות. דניאל “זרם” עם הרעיון ואכן, הגיע לארצות הברית. המופע היה מופלא ודלתות נוספות החלו להיפתח בפניו כאילו היקום המתין לרגע בו יהיה בשל ומוכן להפיץ את המתנה שלו לקהל הרחב. המוסיקה היא דרך להפיץ אור, אומר לי דניאל. זו הדרך לגעת בבני אדם, להרים את המורל, לחדש את זרימת האנרגיות שלהם, להשפיע לטוב.. ליצור לכל אדם מעגל אור נעים ואיכותי סביבו.

כאשר Marc Ford מה – Black Crowes הסכים לבקשתו של דניאל לשיר עם ההרכב מספר שירים, לא ניתן לתאר את התחושה שלי באותו הרגע, אמר דניאל. “מדובר במי שגדלתי עליו” “אדם עם וותק , ידע וניסיון שעומד יחד איתי על הבמה.. הוא הגיע להקליט איתנו שיר”..גם כאן התגלגלות העניינים היתה כאילו יד הגורל מתערבבת ומערבבת את האסים בחבילת הקלפים של דניאל (בעברית טפו טפו טפו). למעשה הקליט Marc Ford מספר שירים עם דניאל באולפן בארצות הברית ולאחר מכן, הופיע יחד עמו שם בארצות הברית.

מצמרר? אני שואלת “הכי בעולם” הוא עונה לי בחיוך. לא חלמתי שהדברים יתגלגלו כך אבל כעת, אנו עומדים בפני סיבוב הופעות נוסף בחוף המערבי. זה יקרה בין ה -15 לאוגוסט עד ה 5 בספטמבר . אמנם התאריכים עדיים אינם סגורים בשלב הזה אך חברי ההרכב ודניאל מוכנים למסע המופלא של ההצלחה הבינלאומית. בארצות הברית יהיה שינוי בחברי ההרכב הוא מסביר לי שמות הנגנים שיופיעו בסיבוב ההופעות הם Mike Stang על הבאס ו- Zhach Kelsch בתופים.

הראיון שלנו הבהיר עד כמה דניאל שלם. שלם מבחינות רבות כל כך, בוגר, שלם, מבושל.. כאשר מוסיקאי אומר לך, אני זורם עם התחושה. מאמין שיהיה טוב, לא הייתי צריך לחשוב הרבה פשוט החלטתי לקחת את נקודת האור הזו ולתת לה לזהור, נותר לי רק לאחל הצלחה לאיש המופלא הזה ולאחל לו שייצג את מדינתנו הקטנה בכבוד והמון הצלחה. - Lev Hachadashot (Hebrew)

"Israeli Radio Station interview"

its a radio phone interview from 8/11/15 when we were on tour in California

she asks about the tour and how we come up giging places like "Whisky A Go Go , The Mint ect

and she asks how we get to work in the studio with Marc Ford (Guitar player for the Black Crowes) - RESHET G (Israeli radio station)

"an internet music newspaper article regarding our band"

this is the link:

it's in hebrew
but the journalist tell our story , describing our music and tells about our upcoming tour to the U.S -

"Radio interview"

talking in the studio regarding our music , influences and listening to our music and bands we love - 106.2FM

"T.V interview on i24NEWS"

Daniel Green on his band's music and future album - i24NEWS


Between Two Worlds (2016)



The Daniel Green Show is an international Rock act act trio formed in Israel 2014 featured: Daniel Green on Guitar and Vocals , Mike Stang on Bass and Zhach Kelsch on Drums. Daniel combines his unique voice and powerful guitar to create music that draws its audience into its rock n’ roll dreamscape 

 Having already achieved a level of notoriety in Israel, GREEN credits artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Black Crowes, Nirvana and Radiohead with influencing the band’s musical sound. 

since the band was formed, They had successfully toured The U.S for 3 times including participation Texas’s 35Denton Festival in the Spring of 2016.

The Band was also headliner for the local Haifa Mount Carmel Festival in October 2018

On April of 2018 Daniel Green had his first international T.V performance and interview on i24 NEWS channel

 In 2019 the band went on tour in Europe for the first time and played major European capitals like Vienna, Krakow and Budapest

The band debut album -“Between Two Worlds” went out in August of 2016 ,

songs from the new album are on rotation in more than 30 Countries
4 official video clips released since 2016

the band collaborated on stage and in Studio with two of the world's Rock n' Roll Giants - Former Black Crowes Guitarist - Marc Ford.

 and - Harvey Brooks which played bass for: Bob Dylan , Jimi Hendrix , Miles Davis and the Doors back in the 60’s

Marc Ford is featured on the band debut album “Between Two worlds” and as he noted in an article on Vents Magazine: “Playing on this project was a great experience”. 

 In November 2019 Daniel Green, his guitar and daughter was hired to play a lead role in a national advertising Campaign to one of Volkswagen Group car brands: Skoda, the 1:10 length commercial is screened on all commercial T.V channels, Cinemas and social media around Israel

As for the last quarter of 2019 Daniel is currently working on a new Album scheduled to be released Spring 2020 which will be supported by a European and U.S tour.

Band Members