The Daniel Nathan Band

The Daniel Nathan Band


We sound like a hard rockin bluesy jam with flute. Heavy power chords to jazzy harmonies. Jazzy flute solos, to bluesy harmonica solos, to hard rockin guitar solos. All fueled by a solid drum & bass groove.


Formed in 2005, The Daniel Nathan Band is a bluesy, jazzy, psychedelic mosaic, with a brush of distortion. We play everything from traditional blues to original songs with jazzy flute melodies, to classic rock jams with screaming guitar licks. Besides myself, band members are Bruce Haxton (bass), Guy Lindekugel (harmonica), and Chris Vincent (drums). I have performed solo (guitar and vocals) on the annual cable television event “NWCT Unplugged” in Minneapolis, and sat in playing flute with the band The Erotic Adventures of the Static Chicken at The Jazz Estate in Milwaukee. Bruce has played bass and classical guitar with several different bands, and shared stages with popular national acts such as Duran Duran. Guy is a self-taught harmonica player and singer. Chris graduated from UW–Madison, having majored in percussion.

The Daniel Nathan Band has been featured at many Milwaukee bars and clubs, including Linneman’s, Fatboy Roadhouse, My Place, Treats and Guitar Bar, just to name a few. Our self titled CD (released January 2007) has already received enthusiastic feedback from airplay on Milwaukee’s WMSE radio shows “Free Jazz BBQ with Dr. Sushi” and “Blues Drive.” The CD is available online, and has sold in cities as far away as Munich, Germany.

My first instrument was actually a violin, which I began playing when I was about four years old. When I was in the fifth grade, I dusted off an old flute sitting around in some drawer and decided to give it a shot. One thing led to another, and I was accepted into a high school for the performing arts in Houston (HSPVA), graduating with a focus on Classical flute.

I didn’t pick up an acoustic guitar until 1997, during my sophomore year in college. I instantly fell in love with the instrument. I learned to play the blues, and entered the live music scene by playing open-mics. My first live appearance on guitar was in 1998, at a bar in Utrecht, Holland. My musical partner in crime was Joe Schlesing, a friend from school who was spending the year abroad. Joe sang and played the slide guitar while I played rhythm and improvised solos on an acoustic. We got the crowd to their feet by playing “Dust My Broom” and “Sweet Home Chicago.”

An electric guitar came a few years later - a 1978 Fender Telecaster. I worked on bluesy Hendrix tunes and in spring 2003 I played my first solo vocal and guitar performance at a bar near a ski resort in Colorado. In fall 2003, I moved back to Milwaukee and began to write my own songs. I took my act to The Up & Under Pub on Brady St., and frequently played at the Sunday night blues jam hosted by the TW Blues Band. In 2004, I earned my first solo live performance on cable TV, “NWCT Unplugged,” broadcast on NWCT, a Minneapolis station. In 2005, I formed The Daniel Nathan Band, and we spent about a year cutting our teeth, playing as a house band at Guitar Bar twice a month. Now we can be seen regularly at Linneman’s and many other local favorites.


The Daniel Nathan Band

Set List

Three Sets:

Running Shoes (C) (Original)
Killing Floor (Ab) (Howlin Wolf)
Sweetest Thing (Ab) (Original)
Tree Branch (Original)
My Friend (Hendrix)
Power of Soul (Hendrix)
Lightning Mojo (Original)
The Answer (Original)
I Ain’t Drunk (Ab) (Albert Collins)

Dust My Broom (Eb) (Robert Johnson)
Red House (F#) (Hendrix)
Bouree (Jethro Tull)
Mountain Rider (Original)
Don’t Tell Me You Love Me (Original)
Midnight Beginnings Blues in 6 (Hendrix w/improv)
Mary Had a Lamb (Eb) (SRV version)
Mannish Boy (Bb) (Hendrix Version)
Mustang Sally (Ab) (Wilson Pickett)

Through the Haze (Original)
Pass it On (Hendrix)
Lover Man (Hendrix)
Jam 292 (Hendrix)
Are You Gonna Roll with Me? (Original)
Sunshine (Instrumental Hendrix version)
Diving Duck (Ab) (Taj Mahal)
Hoochie Coochie Man (Bb) (Muddy Waters)
Bring it Back (Bb) (Original)