The Danielson Device

The Danielson Device


With four individuals coming together, a myriad of styles, and influences from every corner of music, we have developed our own unique, funky sound that sounds like Jaco Pastorius meets Trey Anastasio meets John Medeski meets Steve Gadd. Surely, this makes for music anyone can dance to that.


The members of The Danielson Device originally met at a local community college. Here they formed a bass-less trio with members Dan Clark, Jon Roiko and Danny VanDuerm. The three members began to develop their style, write songs, and play shows in and around chicago. Things were progressing naturally but, the trio felt like there was something missing. That something was a true bass player instead of the lower octaves on a keyboard in which Danny was currently handling.

Rumor was in the air that a bass player and long time friend of Jon's was back in the Chicago area from Boulder, Colorado. The four got together, jammed a few times and agreed that it could work if the band got serious. Playing a few shows here and there the band started to develop, but didn't see anything for a long term future. Witte had plans to move back to Colorado.

Plans changed one night when the band played an especially progressive show in the college town of Dekalb, Illinois. The band had broken their barriers down and had entered into a new chapter. Witte wasn't moving back to Colorado for a while.

Since then The Danielson Device has been hard at work writing, playing and promoting their music and name. Having played numerous gigs in Chicago, they are slowly but surely turning heads. With some popular Chicago venues like Elbo Room, Kinetic Playground, Reggie's Music Joint and the Canopy Club in Champagne, IL on their resume The Danielson Device is starting to grow.

Individual bio's soon to follow.


Thus far we've been in the song writing stage and are ready to unleash some new ideas upon the world. Anyone can listen to what we've put together so far on our myspace ( or here at Sonicbids.

Set List

A typical set list is comprised a variety of originals and covers. Artists we cover are George Benson, John Scofield, Lyle Workman, Daft Punk, Harold Faltermeyer, John Coltrane, and Richard Strauss just to name a few.

Here is a recent set list:
Breezin' (G. Benson)
Seth Runs (L. Workman) >
Superbad (L. Workman)
Kid Bongos
Chank (J. Scofield) >
Impressions (J. Coltrane) >
Chank (J. Scofield)
Jam of Life
Hellified Remix

Our sets are usually 45min to 1 hour and 30 minutes. We've played 3 set shows before, but only when we need to.