the danny cannon show

the danny cannon show

 Bergen, Hordaland, NOR

"Monster" to be released in Germany,Austria,Switzerland in 10.05.2013 Through german label:

A joyfull meeting of joshua hommes psychedelic pop hooks, Motorpsychos massive sound and Neil youngs sore vocal harmonies.


"Monster" to be released in Germany,Austria,Switzerland in 10.05.2013 Through german label:

The danny cannon show operates with 4 vocalists. All together in swormy harmonies.

The bands sound are old school, with fuzzy guitars, vintage drums, and lyrics from inner hearts.

A solid mix of . qotsa, Norwegian Motorpsycho and a touch of Neil youngs Country harmonies.

Album "monster" out in Norway 20. sept 2010. Produced by double Norwegian "grammy" awardwinning producer: Even "Magnet" johansen

Toured most of Norway.
Mini Germany tour 2010 (4 gigs)
Usa west coast tour 2006 (14 Gigs)


guess i

Written By: Kjell arne kjærgård/The danny cannon show

walking in sunshine. Been there forever. Coming together, using a ladder.
Feelings for people,people for feelings. We will not ever, stop and be clever.
Tourmented story, see all the glory. we will not ever, never say never.

Guess i

when will you see it, coming together. Walking in sunshine, walking in slow-mo.
do you believe it, do you recieve it. Everyone knows it, somebody lives it.
Do me a favour, go get your ladder. Go taste the flavour, go taste.

Guess i.

When will you come clean with this, waiting for that evening bliss. Somewhere there must be a hunch. You may hear that heartbeat-punch. Do you believe, do you recieve.

Seeing the sun

Written By: Kjell arne kjærgård/Roger Berland The danny cannon show

Seeing the sun

Feeling so lost on an island so slow.
Waiting for the day at the break of dawn.
I feel like going grey-haired home to you.

It’s been a while since money went ,
Out of our hand not our helping hands.
I feel like going grey-haired home to you.
I feel like growing grey hair.

Sit down and think for a while and do what you want and feel what you want to feel.
We are living but aren’t got time for
Seeing the sun and seeing the sun is all you got to see to.

I’ve seen some hard cold days. I’ve been waiting for anything but the rain.
To make my blues go away.
I can’t seem to breathe the air.
I’ve been waiting for a happening or a game.
To make my blues go away.
To make my blues go.

Do you know how to live it, do you know how to give it.
To live a love you got to give a lot
Said a wise Young man.

cream of the crop

Written By: Helge Hestetræet/Kjell arne kjærgård/The danny cannon show

This is a catch you cant run and hide.
open up your eyes and let her inside.
Did i just kill this now.

There aint no pills for an ocean so wide.
Get off your horse and into he smile.
Did i just kill this now.

Hey you with a fever for an eye.
Gone gone, do you even wanna try.

I thought you were the cram of the crop.
i cant denie.
always thought you were the cream of the crop.
i cant decide.

This is a catch are you up for real.
This can bee the light for the shadow you keep.
did i just feel this now.

i thought you were the cream of the crop.


Riding with you Ep 2004

Lycanthrope cd 2006

Online misfits tribute 2006

Monster cd,vinyl sept 2010 (Norway)

Monster release Through Kanoon records, in Germany,Austria,Swittzerland 10.05.2013

Set List

Original songs from the Danny cannon show:

New unpublished songs:

-Sun moon sun
-Into the night
-Young an homme.

From our latest record, Monster:

-Cream of the crop
-Kill slow
-Guess i
-Here comes the beating
-Diggin a hole
-seeing the sun

Monster B side:


From our 1 record Lycanthrope:

-step down from the shadow with heart
-Big waltz
- dont ask for more

From our Ep:

Riding with you.

Cover songs:

-cinnamon girl "Neil young"
-put a spell on you "Creedence clearwater rewival"
-Squash that fly "Fu-manchu"