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The best kept secret in music


"Freddy's Rock Pile"

It will be hard to put into words the incredible night that went down in the Cellar Pub on Mar 27th only for the simple reason that it was the best local rock show I’ve ever seen, so the pressure is on to do these three incredible bands the justice they deserve.

A strong and very appreciative crowd gathered early, and those that did come out for the opening band will be thanking themselves for weeks to come. The Danny Mainstreet Band took the stage at around 10:15 and from their opening vamp anyone in attendance knew very early on that they were in for something very special. The band was poised and ready to make an impact on the local scene and that’s just what they did. Led by the charismatic and talented Ben Hughes on vocals/guitar, their presence on this night was felt almost immediately. The band is top notch. Lead guitarist Norm is a versatile player who can move from Andy Summers-like textures to Stevie Ray Vaughn power to David Gilmore mood with ease. He is truly a talent to watch out for. Their drummer Chris was cool and flashy, yet tasteful despite the broken foot he was playing with and their new bass player Troy has settled in nicely and was rock solid. As for the music, it is fresh, confident and catchy…they’ve got the goods. If you missed this show, don’t make that same mistake twice.
- Uncle Rob, 105.3FM the Fox

"Battle of The BAnds"

There was a huge buzz surrounding The Danny Mainstreet Band leading up to the BOTB. And, as the performance started, that buzz proved to be well earned. Dirty blues with some good old fashioned southern-fried rawk thrown in for good measure. Okay, maybe my analysis is a bit off, but it rocked hard, whatever it was. The Danny Mainstreet Band offered up some well-crafted songs that could potentially appeal to a very wide audience, in and out of the bars. The band, itself, holds an extraordinary amount of talent, and I expect good things from them in the future.

- The Brunswickan- March 29th/03

"Great White Noise Reviews Danny's demo"

In June 2002, the band released the EP, "Bulletproof & Ignorant."
I looked at the cover of this album and had no idea what to expect. Perhaps it was very tranquil, calming music judging by the picture of the ocean. Surprisingly, the three songs on the EP were totally in-your-face rock ‘n’ roll.
What I found interesting was the lead singer’s voice. If anyone has ever seen the movie, "Rock Star" with Mark Wahlberg, you may think that Hughes’ vocals sound similar to Wahlberg’s character. His voice could also be compared to the likes of Bon Jovi.
I like the band’s sound because it seems like they’re reinventing a sound that was created by such legendary bands as Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin. The Danny Mainstreet Band combines meaningful lyrics and amazing guitar riffs to create something that all lovers of music can appreciate.
- Great White Noise, Michael Bochoff

"Kicks Ass!"

This CD kicks ass!! The more I listen to it the more it grows on me. Rock!
- Anna Zee, Q104 Music Director

"Power and Conviction"

The Danny Mainstreet Band offer music served up with power and conviction. These guys are the real deal. Smart lyrics with good musicianship and great sense of melody. In short....they ROCK!!!!
- Pat Slaney Music Director 105.3FM The Fox

"Straight-up rock 'n roll"

This potent 10-song rock album uncommonly captures the sheer heat the band bring to the stage. Front-man Ben Hughes’ smooth arresting voice belts tracks ranging from heartfelt ballads layered over intense guitar riffs, to nostalgia-inspiring straight-up rock ’n roll - Sarah Riley The Coast Halifax, NS

"Big sound"

With their big guitar sound they’ve been making themselves known around the Maritimes. - The Guardian Newspaper Charlottetown PEI

"Festival Favorite"

Danny Mainstreet was a festival favorite (Cymbria Music Festival) and thoroughly enjoyed their huge set. Personally, Bulletproof and Ignorant was the highlight of my festival. - Peilife.com

"Hard Working Band"

I like The Danny Mainstreet Band because every time I see them, they get better. It's nice to see a group of guys who are committed to what they're doing and who don't mind working hard to get where they're going. - Mike Campbell Soapbox Racer Artist Management


2005 ECMA Rock Recording of the Year Nominee Danny Mainsstreet released their debut album ~ Bulletproof & Ignorant in Dec 2004 with distrubution provided by Universal/Maple Nation Wide
Singles - Rockn'roll Pollution Steroids released March 05 (video avaliable via website)
-Bulletproof & Ignorant released Winter 06 (video avaliable)


Feeling a bit camera shy


What makes Danny Mainstreet essentially maritime is not their sound, but their unbowed determination to make their mark in their own uncompromising way. A carved-in-stone pact between brothers determined to make their own destiny, or go down in flames trying. THAT is what makes them a maritime band.

As a band, they are everything that we look for when searching out new talent to feature. The Danny Mainstreet Band is equal parts hard work, talent, guts and commitment. To describe their sound is not the simplest of tasks. They are a very unique stew and direct reference points are hard to nail down. They can slap you around like vintage Aerosmith, tackle your cerebral time and space or take the listener on an emotional thrill ride. They are dynamic. They are "all-terrain".

A Norm Love guitar solo can have you hanging on for dear life with each fluid note. Ben Hughes owns any room he plays. He's a born performer and a natural frontman. There is no irony in the fact that Chris Gillis is the drummer...he's the heartbeat of the group, night after night delivering the goods and keeping it loose on the stage. Brad Stevens cements this formidable unit, laying it down without fail performance after performance. Maturity and confidence is evident in their playing and rightfully so, three of these gentlemen have been playing together in bands together since the age of 14.

Danny Mainstreet takes great pride in never once having disappointed their paying patrons, while picking up and dusting off converts all along the way. This is a band that performs with a great deal of heart. However, it's not just on their sleeves, they've wiped it all over themselves. THAT is what makes them such a great Maritime Band.