Nathan Merrill

Nathan Merrill


Music to put on after a day of chasing the American Dream. Or chasing the dragon. It's popping soul music for the anxious, worried masses. Let us help you unwind.


The Dapper Squares is the brainchild of Nathan Merrill, a singer/songwriter who has made it his life goal to sweat into a micropone. So, naturally, a band formed around him, a gang of inspired misfits, who are all hell-bent on getting to the stage. All of the Dapper Squares have played in previous bands, been on the road, been ripped off by bar owners, but have persisted on, out of the sheer desire to play. The Dapper Squares write music with a pulse. Popping rhythmic storytelling. We hope, at least, contagious. Inspired by his father's Cat Stevens' and Creedence records, Merrill makes sure to keep a tortured rasp in his vocals. Let us help you unwind.


Crazy Little Gypsy Girl

Written By: Nathan Merrill

Took a long walk straight to see my southern queen
Till a gang of gypsy raiders made a fool of me
everybody run and see
She needs me more
She needs me more than I can Say

Met a crazy little gypsy girl on the eve of may
when the darkness left our minds reeling in disarray
And we had all night to play
She needs me more
She needs me more than I can say

Everybody wanna pull apart the leading man
Grab ahold of something solid in the sinking sand
But what they don't know I'm a buried man
And she needs me more
She needs me more than I can say

Nobody Likes You

Written By: Nathan Merrill

That's right nobody likes you, did it hurt you? Did it excite you?
Cold, Holding your life down with a push pin
It's a great, great land that we all live in

That's right, Everyone hates you
Take a look around everyone plays you out
Shout, shake em' down for his last dime
Leave em' with nothin but a
bad, bad time

You're just a little guy
You're just a little bit of something dry before the clouds unload
the rain

I don't know too much
But I know I'm gonna change
I know I'm gonna change

You, Me Pick one and eat it
Here's your demons now
greet em' and feed em'
I don't know what you want me to play
I got everything from funk, soul
reggae baby- turn it up

Go home, take all your problems
no one wants to hear the droning, the loathing
I can't stress enough how much you annoy me
Please, Please take your issues back to the bay
I'm gonna burn it down
I'm gonna get right back to you
and when I do
Man, we're gonna rage

See I don't know too much
But I know I'm gonna change


More or Less Alive (EP)