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"The Downtown April 2004"

The Downtown was the scene of a Blues trifecta this past Tuesday night. Supporting a rare LI appearance of Kim Wilson were two of the harder hitting island bands. The Dare Ya Blues Band opened the night with a roar. Luke Alvino presided over the Dare Ya gang which consists of John Dunn's throbbing and pulsating bass, CJ Calleri who is a very tasteful and gritty guitar meister, Luke's acrobatic harp and soulful vocals and the rock solid drumming of new guy yet integral member of the clan, Ronnie Sciascia. Dare Ya specializes in hard hitting yet artistic blues with a heavy emphasis on originals and unusual covers. They heavily covered material from their new release, "Lonely Street." Luke's harmonica is a lead instrument yet is just as at home when supporting one of CJ's many guitar flights. Songs like "Down, Down, Down" create the kind of driving, trance inducing blues that Dunn's bass makes visceral and direct. Luke appeals to the gastronome in all of us via the humorous "Home To New Orleans." Lisa Alvino has carved herself a major piece of the new Dare Ya persona. She and Luke sing together like husband and wife (no surprise there) and the happy interplay allows for interesting listening be it within "Mockingbird" or "Chain Gang." Lisa's slinky movement enlivens the stage as the other guys are just too busy being outstanding musicians. When they left the stage, the limbo stick was already mighty low.

Doc Blues L.I.B.S. April 20th 2004 - Long Island Blues Society

"Lonely Street"

Lonely Street-Dare Ya Blues Band

If your blues vision includes impassioned soulful vocals, emotional and flowingly played guitar, rock solid basslines, wit and panache in song writing and the sexual tension of 2 great vocalists (live), then the Dare Ya Blues Band has your number. Luke Alvino is one of the best vocalists on the scene. He can finesse a song while pouring out heart and sweat. There is just a certain grace that he imparts to every utterance and his harp rocaks and soars with a Sonnyboy, Little Walter grit. Songs like "Me and I Can Toos" are slow and lonesome while "Home To New Orleans" is full bore fun. Butterfield's "Born In Chicago" captures the majesty and "Let It Rain" is a balladic gem of angst and sorrow. CJ is a ready foil, able to let loose torrents of well structured blues or slow jazz lines that flow like a brook over softly rounded stones. Dare Ya covers all the bases with articulate, muscular playing, insightful lyrics and tight production. Thanks to Johnny Dunn, there is a solid Bas(i)s and attention to nuance and Debby captures it in her lovely cover art. These are the times and they are the band.

Doc Blues May/2004 - Doc Blues Long Island Blues Society

"Lonely Street"

There isnt a more professional band on the Local Blues circuit than Suffolks Dare Ya Blues Band.Comprised members that have been playing around long Ilsand long enough to give Pepe a run for his Good Rats riches, including the multi instrumentalist John Dunn of the Smoke Daddy Fame. keyboardist Mike Dimeo, guitarist Cj Callari, Drummer Chris Antiss and Front man/harpist Luke Alvino, Dare Ya makes a triumphet return to wax with Lonely Street.
Anyone who has ever enjoyed their sharp brand of boogie Flavored Blues at Mr Beery's will not be dissappointed by the band's lastest Full length . Produced by Dunn with local Luminary Michael Epstein at Dare Studios in Deer Park , Lonely Street projects the Blues in good time-y, freewheeling format of recent Taj Mahal and Johnny Winter, who should seriously consider taking these cats on as his new back up the next time he palys the Downtown.
Fans if the Dirt floor style of RL Burnside and the Rev. Gary Davis project may not find solce here, nor will those turning themsleves on the Yardbirds' Roger The Engineer for the first time.
Dunn's tunes are strictly for those who appreciate the direction the Blues has Taken since Clapton went to LA, smooth snappy and full of Celebration, duly noted on such cuts as " What Matters Most", " Home to New Orleans" and "Lock Doctor". Hardcore Blues heads should pay respect to Dare Ya's Exceptional cover of the Paul Butterfield chestnut "Born In Chicago", the High light of Lonely Street Which displays just why this band has remained on the Top if the local blues game for all these years
Ron Hart - Goodtimes Mag May 2004


I took a walk on Lonely Street today courtesy of a great blues-rock band named The Dare Ya Blues Band. Well, ya gotta love the name of the band, its original and it tickles your funny bone. Although their name may make you chuckle, make no mistake, they are one serious blues rockin’ band.

Johnny Dunn (bass, background vocals) and Luke Alvino (harp, vocals), the writing and singing team for the band, strike a vein of blues gold on their new album.

As they jumpstart the proceedings with the reflective “What Matters Most,” and take you on a walk through the fires of life, the autobiographical “Born In Chicago” gives you a taste of the depth and traditional of the blues genre. “Me And I Can Toos” is a real scorcher; Alvino sings and plays with heartfelt passion, filling all the requirements for a blues Daddy with soul. On the “Lock Doctor,” Alvino gives the harp a down and dirty workout as the lead guitar of C.J. Calleri answers with emphatic wails and cries. The one track that really defines blues music and what this band is all about is “Let It Rain” (not be confused with Derek and the Dominoes classic), a real life emotionally charged tune with a haunting Hammond organ provided by Mike DiMeo, lays the groundwork for the introduction of all the other instruments. Consistently, Alvino is a great vocalist throughout this album and he and his mates are in tune with the music and the meaningful lyrics at all times. I cannot forget the all-important rhythm section, manned by Chris Anstiss (drums) and Dunn, they set the pace for this entire ride.

I do not think there is anyone that plays blues music that has not lived the words that they sing, and that is the very reason you can honestly feel everything in a song. The Dare Ya Blues Band has what it takes to bring the blues right to the doorstep of your heart with conviction. If you like to rock with the blues and really absorb all the feelings, I dare ya to take a walk down Lonely Street.
Keith Hannaleck
- Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck


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This Band will take you to a new level of what we call the blues. Their motto “We Dare ya to be different”