The Darklings
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The Darklings

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
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"Misc. reviews"

“… a brilliant mixture of waspish vocals and unexpected sounds whispering wickedly, coming on like wonderfully diseased pop.”
–Mick Mercer

“… it is clear from the first listen that they enjoy and believe in what they are doing.”
- Nate Rand / ReGen Magazine

“They fuse the Goth sound with Pop and Folk giving you something completely different to what many bands in their genre of music are doing. What more they’ve managed to write the tunes without a lead guitar replacing it with a violin and it works.”
- Street Voice UK Magazine

“The music comes across as dark, subtle and dangerous. I’d also like to point out that fans of Rasputina and Suzanne Vega’s industrial masterpiece, 99.9Fdegrees, will LOVE Demonika And The Darklings!”
– Boris / Black Angel Promotions

“Tightly focused haunting female vocal melodies. Below-the-radar, hypnotic bass tones. Theremin dirges straight from a thirties German film noir. Distant, mechanical-like percussion noises. Subtle, yet powerfully intoxicating violins. And the beautifully forlorn voice of Demonika Darkly, narrating a seductively strange and enchanting world of passionate fairytale-like romanticism filled with a feeling that manages to convey love, loss, pain, and hope in a single note.”
– Jeremy Eckhart / Grave Concerns E-zine - The Darklings

"Sepiachord Review of "Shelter""

If, like me, you've spend a goodly amount of time in a "goth" club in the last decade then you know the truth: the chance of actually hearing anything "goth" is pretty slim. Most goth clubs are actually industrial/ebm/future pop/etc clubs.

There's nothing wrong with that, but those genres never had the warmth, the sexiness, the sinuousness of actual goth. If you missed the days when goth ruled the dusky dance floor than "Shelter" (the first full length by Demonika and the Darkings) is for you.

Successful dance music is about one variety of sex or another. Industrial is about pure raw animal aggressiveness. Goth is about seduction and desire, about loose limbs, full lipped promises, and hidden secrets. Demonika and the Darklings are sexy and seductive, this is music to entwine bodies to.

Demonika Darkling's vocals are full, lush, occasionally soaring and achingly female. She is strong and sultry, and never stoops to be simply coy. Dv8 Darkling's thick, sensual bass work is what gives "Shelter" it's body moving power. The throb of the low-end moves up your spine and pulls you around the room. Dv8 is the reason that you want to dance to this CD. There are some electronics here, but they're never the focus. Beats, programming and the like are there to support the distinctly organic feel that dominates the music. The secret key that keeps this collection from descending into a cold, mechanical sound is Devlyn Darkling's violin playing. Other bands would have the high-end crunched out on guitar or plinked out on keyboards. The violin is the perfect instrument for this band. It moves, snakelike, between and through the vocals and rides the current of the basslines. The combination is both languid and lurid.

It's not just that the band works well together, it's also that they very skilled. Not only do they handle songs by Justin Timberlake and Ministry with equal aplomb but they remake "Everyday is Halloween" into a *different* sexy, dark dance song. This isn't just a cover, they don't take the easy road: they remold the song to fit their vision. If you don't know it's coming "Everday is Halloween" sneaks up on you, you're already dancing before you realize that you know this song.

The production (by the band and John Napier) is on the mark. Nothing is ever out of keel: the vocals are upfront through out and the other instruments rise and rumble as befits the moment. The sound is nicely layered, there is a lot going on under the surface that emphasizes the richness of the music. Despite it's goth roots the production makes sure "Shelter" never sounds dated.

If you miss the days (or *missed* the days) when sultry, dark, groovy music ruled the dance floor than "Shelter" belongs in your collection. - Sepiachord


Venus Blush - EP
Shelter - LP
This Bridge - EP



Post-Punk Folk-Noir

At first glance, the most striking thing about The Darklings might be that they're a female fronted band with four of it's five members being women. If you look closer, you'll notice another thing setting them apart from other alternative bands - the addition of violin. Once you hear their passionate vocals and intense sound,you'll know their ability to combine well-crafted, melodic songs and soul baring lyrics with driving rhythm and catchy guitar hooks is what really sets them apart from most formula driven bands today.

The lineup of Abhayada's heartfelt vocals, Jennifer (Devlyn) Pomerantz's sensual violin playing, Vivian Chavez's driving bass and Dayna Cussler's powerful drumming would be a force to be reckoned with all on it's own. But with the addition of talented guitarist Leo Lopez, The Darklings truly are an up and coming force on the horizon of the L.A. music scene.

Founding members Abhayada and Jennifer along with Vivian started their musical journey a decade ago as "Demonika and the Darklings" enjoying success with their EP, "Venus Blush" (chosen as one of Chuck Eddy's Village Voice top 5 picks of the week) in 2004 and the full length "Shelter" in 2006. Both were co-produced by John "Wee-Wee" Napier of Nitzer Ebb and Ethyl Meatplow.

Now called The Darklings, the band writes sultry melodies with introspective lyrics and give exciting, passionate performances from the heart that leave audiences wanting more.