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"some press for 2nd album"

"In terms of creating a record with a clear, unified vision, The Dark Romantics’ second full-length effort Heartbreaker is wildly successful. A 13-song exploration of love, loss, and misery, Heartbreaker is a thematically polished, focused record with both mood and lyrics tightly wound around the central idea of love-gone-wrong."
- Amplifier Magazine

"with Heartbreaker, the Dark Romantics have created a strong and dynamic work that stands beautifully on its own and bodes well for their future."
- Orlando Weekly

" album full of low-key pop melodies, sexy grooves and an extra heaping of style into an album that leaves the hysterics of lovelorn songwriting and the over-the-top songwriting born from it behind."

"carries a sleek and sexy mysteriousness to it and each song is a similar mix of pop, indie rock, synths and stylistic gloom."

- various publications

"some press for 1st album"

"Yes, this is sweet candy ... a sexier version of The Cure." --Alarm

"Woozy, trashy, sexy, secretive...this band makes late-night heartbreak and alcohol-fueled mistakes sound alluring." --Playback

"The Dark Romantics have made a debut full of Must Hear Now ... that fit perfectly alongside other groovy, sexy, dark-pop purveyors like The Cinematics..." --Sentimentalist

"Sexy but not sleazy, if there was a perfect rock record for the dance floor, this would be it." --Orlando City Beat

"It is nigh impossible to listen to the Dark Romantics new album, Some Midnight Kissin', without envisioning an attractive couple dancing too close in a darkened corner of a steamy nightclub ... the lush sound of the keyboard, the beautiful guitar flourishes, and especially the pounding rhythms make it clear that this is music to hook-up to."

"In The Dark Romantics' world, it's always Saturday night. You're always dressed to kill. You're always in the middle of the best first date in your life ... For these old-fashioned lovers, it's about the romance of a night on the town, the magic of dancing, a dozen roses and a four-star restaurant and the thrill of seduction.." - various publications


- "Another Song...EP" (5 track maxi single) - released september 2006
- "Some Midnight Kissin" (debut full length) - released february 2007
- "The Artificial EP" (exclusive online EP) - released february 2008
- "Lonely...Alone" (7" vinyl) - released may 2008
- "Let's Ride" (online maxi-single) - released august 2008
- Heartbreaker" (sophomore full length) - released sept 2008

>songs liscensed on Next (MTV), Pimp My Ride (MTV), Big Shots (ABC), Dirt (FX), Moonlight (CBS)<



The Dark Romantics. The name in ninetieth-century America referred to a literary sub-genre under which names like Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson and Nathaniel Hawthorne fell. These dark romantic authors were defined by a pessimistic view of the natural world as a place that is “dark, decaying, and mysterious.” These days we know The Dark Romantics as the brainchild of indie rock maven, Eric Collins (ex-Denison Marrs, The Party People), and he picks up where his forefather’s left off with the bands’ stunning sophomore release, Heartbreaker.

Heartbreaker (Lujo Records) hits streets September 9th and is 13 tracks of dark, sexy, transcendental rock and roll. Building on themes of love, pain and – well -- heartbreak, the album boasts the most impressive vocals we’ve seen from Collins so far, who’s been compared to A.C Newman (New Pornographers) and Thom Yorke (Radiohead). His brooding vox is matched with eclectic instrumentation. An engaging and carefully crafted string section works it’s way into the mix as well. “Heartbreaker differs from past records in that it’s much more dark, and much more romantic,” says Collins, “it’s is a complete thought with different dynamics and moods.”

As is true of past records, there’s no shortage of superlative song-writing here. Songs like, “Love and Pain”, “Hush Your Mouth”, and “Let’s Ride” (MP3) are epic, but accessible, driving their way into your head by way of sheer catchiness. “The Dark Romantics’ first album was a collection of older songs from other projects and new songs that we wrote on our own and then brought into the studio,” explains Collins. “This time Dean and I wrote together, from start to finish. We were completely honest with each other for the sake of the song, and it worked out well.”

We think you’ll agree.

Collins continues with a sentiment not far off from The Dark Romantics of centuries past: “We went through a time of depression before starting The Dark Romantics because we weren’t doing what we love. We make music because we have to.” Unlike their forefathers, however, these dark romantics leave their pessimistic bent behind, turning heartbreak into possibly the most beautiful record of 2008.