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the dark sand...


The dark sand is a melodically bizarre heavy metal/progressive rock band. They combine vivid soundscape through intricate guitar and melodic harmony vocals. With musical influences like Yes, and Tool and stage influences like Alice Cooper the dark sand creates a unique identity unlike no other.


The dark sand is a melodically bizarre heavy metal/progressive rock band. Creativity and integrity are
the main goal in the dark sand’s song writing, striving to impress themselves
and minds alike. With a wide array of influences ranging from Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains, to Mr. Bungle, this five piece focuses on complexity and intricacy to create their soundscape. An inventive live show is a characteristic of this act that is like no other. Incorporating artistic visual backdrops combined with twisted stage prop and costume give the dark sand an image all to their own. The force known as the dark sand was formed in the late nineties when friends of common interests and ritualistic psychedelic practices came together to start such a project. Darksand, to which was their previous name, began by playing small local
venues of all ages while also releasing self recorded demos. In later years
playing an integral part in Edmonton’s underground scene and sharing the
stage with some of Alberta’s top acts Darksand released there first
full length album in the summer of 2002. Engineered by guitarist Chris
Vaughn this ten song collection of experimental hard rock dates
back to some of the earliest pro recordings in Darksand’s owned and operated
Sundiver Studios. Now past with a year and a half for some of the dark sand’s
members to pursue other projects and to tighten musical and production
techniques the dark sand’s plans for the future are all but lacking. With a
tour and CD release date set for 2005 the dark sand’s new collection of
material will be released on a double album. One an epical acoustic orientated
concept piece and the second a seven-track list to mirror the dark sand’s
off the wall live persona. With a catalogue of over 60 songs constant
progressive song writing the dark sand will continue to record and to
showcase their live act.

Contact: (780)918-2064


Darksand (self titled) 2002

Set List

The dark sand's set can range from 40 min to 2 hours and with a catalogue of over sixty original songs the dark sand's set list can vary depending on Audience and Venue. One or two covers can usually be heard at a the dark sand venue.

Covers Include:
Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Sir Psycho Sexy
Alice in Chains - Them Bones
Megadeth - Sweating Bullets
Pink Floyd - Pigs (three different ones)
Alice in Chains - Bleed the Freak
Guns N Roses - Double Talkin Jive