The Darned

The Darned


A bunch of neverweres back in the rock 'n roll saddle with kiddies and careers in tow. Digital dillatantes taking a virtual ego trip. Say what you will. The Darned are awesome. Great songs. Gripping performances. They're really going for it.


Toronto, 2005. Swaying under a galaxy of Christmas lights in the tiny topfloor bar, I played my bass, mesmerized by the dancing skeleton before me. The crowd was captured too, as he swayed and gestured sinuously: a skinless winter temple dance. The black-clad dancers moved too. His bony pelvis and toothsome face. The song was Dear Amputee. I think we took a page from Frank's Wild Year's era Waits here, Jon and Dre's voices scraping together like dry hands on a winter's day. Paul and I dropped fat bass notes and big kick hits into the staggering groove. A drunk's dance home after last call. Jon gave CPR to his old Rhodes, rhythmic compressions in lieu of a steady beat. Dre picked out the spare melody: a poignant needlepoint. Dry bones against an ebony field. Dancing.
– Richard: The Darned


Limited Release: The May 24th sessions (2003)
Limited Release: The September Sessions (2004)
Limited Release: Live at C'est What¿ (2005)
EP: Some Days It's all Eternal Some Days We're Dead (2006/07)
LP: 'to be named' (Spring 2008)

Set List

We play 45mins - 1hr depending on if we're opening of headlining. We also do multiple sets. There's no shortage of music.

Our typical set include all original music:
Rest for the Wicked
At the Heart of It
Lake Fire Warning
Onliest Thing
Other Side
The Count
Heed the Lovely
Days Left of You
Showers and Sparks
Dear Amputee
Lately Starling
Royal City
Hark Hark Hark
Tony and Angel
... applause ...
That's the Spirit