The Darren Zancan Band

The Darren Zancan Band

 Highland, Indiana, USA

Darren Zancan started the band in honor of his dad who died of cancer. Now it is his mission to share his band's unique music.


Darren grew up in a music-based household. His dad fronted, and played guitar for several bands growing up. His older sister was a standout vocal performer.
Interestingly enough, Darren was adopted and did not have the “family music genes.”
Darren was more of a writer and stage actor, dabbling in short stories, lyrics and earning several roles in plays and musicals. Not until middle and high school did he pay attention to his love for music. After losing his best friend to a tragic car accident, he knew music would play an important role in his life.
Darren performed in high school vocal competitions, winning on regional and state levels. Then his senior year of high school he was asked to front the regional band 419. That’s when he started to take a serious approach to music.
After two years as the lead singer of 419, Darren took a break from the band, ultimately leaving for other opportunities. He auditioned for several bands, but never felt like it was the right fit.
In 2004, Darren met Bryan Martin. An instant music bond was formed. The duo never thought a serious band would grow out of the relationship, but after placing in the top three of a collegiate battle of the bands, the two knew music would be made. Zion, the band, was formed. The duo played more than 100 shows over the course of a year-and-a-half. Zion played shows all over the Midwest, garnering regional attention in magazine publications and newspapers.
In 2006 the band went their separate ways, but Darren was dedicated to music more than ever. He took interest in the guitar, studying and playing on his own.
In 2007 Darren moved to Kentucky, where life highs and lows occurred. Life brought Darren closer to music and his guitar. He formed the band Down Jupiter in early 2008. While in Down Jupiter, Darren’s dad was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. That’s when Darren turned to his guitar for comfort. Out of the pain and frustration came music. As the year went on, Down Jupiter continued to grow in popularity. “Table for One”--- a song written by Darren for his dad was picked up for several national CDs. Down Jupiter would go on to play more than 50 shows, while recording a demo.
Darren was the rhythm guitarist. During his father’s last months, Darren took on another instrument: The Harmonica. He started teaching himself how to play and incorporated it into his music.
Down Jupiter merged into No Less Days in 2009. After a few short months, the band disbanded, leaving Darren to finally go after something he longed to achieve. Darren’s love for guitar grew. With a collection of eight guitars and 11 harmonicas, he knew he wanted to play his music and front his own handpicked band with the right pieces to pull out the music he wrote.
Before his dad passed away, Darren made a promise to his father that he would carry out the musical dream they both shared.
After his father’s death, Darren knew music was to be taken serious.
That’s how the Darren Zancan Band was formed. A promise to his father sticks in his mind every day. The passion, energy and drive are on display for the world to see. Darren vows to keep his promise, hoping his music will reach others in a positive way.
His influences range from John Mayer, Gavin Degraw and Brandon Boyd, to Rob Thomas, The Eagles and Pearl Jam.
After an exhaustive 2009 and 2010, where Darren saw 10 people in his life pass away, all he could turn to was his music. That’s all he had left. He started learning the piano, hoping to expand his talents.
Five years ago Darren met Ben Fabert. The two became friends, sharing a passion for music, but neither thought just a few short years later, they would be chasing the same dream…together.
Now moving into 2011, his goal, and dream, is to be the musician he always wanted to be, for himself and his father.


Masquerade Ball-June 2011

Set List

Missing You
Hey Girl/Wild Thing
Undiscovered/Runaround/Message in a Bottle/Heartbreaker/Come on feel the Noise
Table For One
Live to Survive
What am I Doing?
This is Love
Masquerade Ball
Power Lines
Let me In