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"Walkin Bass Killer Band"

Signature Review: Up All Night

Walkin Bass Killer Band

That standup bass lead in, then keeping up front the whole way really gave this tune an immediate hook, groove.

The arrangement is fabulous. They all lay out and let the bass keep truckin when it fits, and it just makes the song more contagious.
That vocal style is great with this sound. Sort of a swing jazz sound.

I forgot to mention the finger clicking and whisper in the intro--very friggin cool.

The guitar does beautifully. On rhythm it fattens and enhances the beat and groove. On the leads he flies.
I really liked the way he brought the lead in a bit at a time until about the last minute of the song, then the player flies, really flies. You know this guy is loving every second of it.
It comes through when a lead player is trying to impress, or when he is flying because that's what he's got to do, and that's what is fun. I'm glad the lead took the long ride.
Maybe I'm wrong but I bet he/she felt it. Did you feel that lead guitar person? I bet yes.

This is a very good performance.

The vocals, lead and back up are right there. It's the right thing for this tune.

Reviewed by: HarpOFly from Memphis, Tennessee - HarpOFly from Memphis, Tennessee


We "released" our self titled album, titled "The Darts" in 2004. So far, we've released at least 500 copies to fans and friends. It's a project we recorded in our basement.

We've also recently completed a live album of some of our best original music and it should be our best yet!

Our single, "Already Home" has actually received a fair amount of local radio play, as well as a few of our other tunes.

You can check us out on the web at:



Pete Berwick,

#@$%^% A!! Finally some great greasy rock n roll I can sink my jack daniels stained teeth into! This down and dirty group of bad boys remind me of one of my all time favorite bands THE GEORGIA SATTELITES, and damn if that ain't just about as good as it gets. I was just about to write that it sounds live, and is live folks, and that's what makes it even better..and ya know what? I'm fixin to go refill my whiskey and coke and listen to this great ball bustin bit of bar room smoke filled ash tray in your face beauty one mo' time....rock on boys, and please let me know if you ever come to Chicago so we can bust some heads over the bar!
THIS IS JUST AS KICK ASS AS IT EVER GETS!! Thank you thank you for keeping this wondeful style of music alive!
- peteberwick from Chicago, Illinois on 20Nov2006

The Darts are a band for anyone who likes a great blend of rock and roll, blues and americana. Or anyone who likes a good blend of watching three guys make fools of themselves! We've been playing for a few years in and around Kearney and Lincoln, Nebraska and are trying to expand that to Global Domination...

We recently traveled to Austin, TX and got to open for Double Trouble! We're planning on going back to play there again.

"From Ansley, NE in front of five people (three girlfriends and two ladies CROSS-STICHING!) to music festivals in front of 2500, The Darts' blend of music has people of all backgrounds dancing and howling at the moon."
--Jamie Knuth, Disc Jockey KLPR 91.3 The Power

"Based out of Kearney, Nebraska, these three young men have worked hard and played hard to get where they are, and they are just at the beginning..."
--Kent Hadenfeldt, Avid Music Fan

"You guys can open up for us any time."
--Andy Damgaard, Tres Diablos

OK, enough with the cheesy quotes. Truth is, we are the "Working Man's Band" (Another quote, I know). We play music for people that enjoy music. We don't want to be a jukebox or your favorite radio station; we don't want to ram our originals down your throat for hours on end either. We just think that you'll like what you hear. With that said, "Turn it up, your neighbors will love it!"--Son of Ape