The Dashing Suns

The Dashing Suns

 Oakland, California, USA

The Dashing Suns have somehow managed to distill forty years worth of guitar music into something both fresh and familiar. An explosive blend of Pop savvy and Rock energy coupled with a deadly charm and an single-minded devotion to their craft makes this band very special indeed.


The Dashing Suns are a four piece from Oakland who write about waiting in line, really liking someone, and holding hands. The band takes inspiration from everyday life, translating these tiny but important moments into quirky two minute pop songs. Included in their blend of Richman inspired romantiscism is their wry tongue-in-cheek acceptance that any love song should be followed by a break up, one that's most likely their fault. The Dashing Suns aren't naive; they just wish they were.

The band liberally appropriates 60's garage, 70's power-pop, and 80's post-punk. An incredibly solid and inventive rhythm section, sounding part Kinks and Jackson 5, keeps the pace as Buzzcocks inspired guitars rip through to form their unique amalgamation. MTV's Buzzwothy blog had this to say about the band's sound, "This seductively sunny little intersection of every band the ’60s and ’70s ever loved is really making my morning with its scratchy guitars, ooh-ahh Caramello vocals and vintage head cold production value." If The Dashing Suns' sound is anything it's an unabashed enthusiasm for music and a keen sense of style.

Past shows have included a stint in New York at Death By Audio, The Bordello in L.A., a spot at SXSW featuring Lou Barlow & M. Ward, as well as numerous Bay Area shows including Oakland's Uptown and San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill. The Dashing Suns were also picked for a commercial spot by Jansport and members have recorded local acts Buzzer and The Splinters. The band is currently recording a full length followup to their first self-titled EP with an expected completion date of August 2009.


Self Titled E.P, 2008
Jansport Branding Video, 2008
"Really Like You" Full Length Album, 2010

Set List

Goodbye Bad Vibrations
Your Line
Out of Your Head
Your Eyes
You're not Home
Future Thunder
Oh Dear
Sally Moore
Where You Go
Do Love
When I First Met Ya