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The Dave Wallace Band

Valparaiso, Indiana, United States

Valparaiso, Indiana, United States
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"The Dave Wallace Band - Can u Hear Me Now?"

The Dave Wallace Band- Can U Hear Me Now?
Self Produced and Released
By Lissy MacMillan

Dave Wallace, aka Dorian, the voice of Thorn Fetish has a new band, very simply named The Dave Wallace Band. If you’re expecting growling vocals and strip poles you could be disappointed, but not for long as this is the kind of rock anyone can like, and upon my first listen I was very surprised at what I was hearing, anyone else who is a TF fan knows what I’m saying. He decided to start this because he has, “so many influences, and they are all over the board. For me, rock n roll was always first. Even though Thorn Fetish is considered a metal band, there's still a rock core to it. But I needed to do something a little different for myself. Butch Walker is my favorite songwriter, but that kind of influence rarely finds its way in a band like Thorn Fetish, so I felt the need to express myself in a different way and this CD is the end result.” The band members are all friends and family of Thorn Fetish and they were originally just going to make a CD, “I had no intention of starting a band with it. However, when Ryan Heath and I started working on the recording, it just turned out so good that I couldn’t help wanting to start a new band” If this is your first experience of Dave, you’ll enjoy his catchy lyrics along with toe tapping, ass shaking melodies that should be a staple in your iPod rotation. With songs like “Life Ain’t Easy”, and “Text Message” you have those songs to relate to. “I love when someone tells me they were in tears over a song I wrote because they related to it so well. That’s the most powerful thing about music. Just like my lyrics in "Text Message":
"I'm ok to fade away if I can only leave my mark...
Like a shooting star that soon burns out but first lights up the dark.
I'm ok if you forget my name; just keep singing my song" This song also has a country feel to it, although it was originally written as a ballad. Autumn’s Call is also a great ballad, and Party @ Docs House is a fun song which makes you think of cook outs in the summer with all your friends. They recorded it with 6 people several times so it sounds like a real party going on. “Frailty” is Dave’s view on how people are so dependent on modern technology, we’ve become hostages to it, “I heard a girl once talk about how she couldn’t drive somewhere because her gps was broken. That’s what I fear our world is coming to.” He also attributes this to some of the failings in the Chicago music Scene with regards to support, “Before everyone had internet, people actually went out and supported bands. Now they'd rather stay home and plug themselves into their laptops.” When you listen to this debut album, you’ll know this the work of a solid, passionate songwriter, which is something he hopes people, will remember him for. “That’s what its all about for me. I feel that I have something to offer and hope I can be remembered for that, regardless of which band accomplishes that.” He also adds “I love the excitement I see in people when Thorn Fetish plays.” So don’t worry he plans on keeping up with both. The Dave Wallace Band is: Dave Wallace (lead vocals, guitar), Ryan Heath (drums and vocals), Melissa Grantham (Keyboard and vocals), Shaun Benge (Lead vocals and guitar), Nate Lineberry (Bass). - Inclination Magazine


"Can U Hear Me Now??" LP 2010



Hey everybody! Thanks for checking out The DWB!! So how'd all this get started, you ask?

Well, it started with me, Dave Wallace. You see, I perform as Dorian Grey of Chicago's most notorious metal/sleeze band, Thorn Fetish. I love Thorn Fetish and everything we do. But I have so many influences in music. Music is life to me. And for me, it started with rock n roll. I cant be Dorian Grey all the time. I cant be "that evil metal guy" all the time. Its not real. And as a musician, I need something real sometimes. So I needed to try a little something different.

My all time favorite song writer is Butch Walker (if you're not familiar, check him out) and my earliest influences range from Paul McCartney and Billy Joel to Aerosmith and Motley Crue. So I combined all of this influence and decided to write a solo cd, just as a side project.

The very basics of my cd were not nearly as cool as what it turned out to be once I started working with Ryan Heath of Eight-Legged studios. Ryan's an amazing musician and we started bouncing ideas off of each other. It turned out to be something much greater than I anticipated. Ryan and I did all of the basic music on the cd. I took main vocals (naturally, since I named the band after myself. Sound ego-centric?) as well as bass, rhythm guitar and some keyboards. Ryan played drums, backing vocals, some rhythm guitars and more keyboards. Then we had some guests play lead guitars, such as Justin "Sane" Heath, Tom "Kaige" Janik (my brother from Thorn Fetish), Shawn Benge, and Ryan Howe, as well as guest vocalist, Melissa Grantham. The end result was a kick ass cd entitled "Can U Hear Me Now??", which touches on the musical genres of hard rock, blues, pop, acoustic, country and maybe a dash of pop punk.

I really believe this cd has a little something for everyone. It turned out to be much more than just a side project. Now people are asking for live performances, so we're working on booking. I hope you enjoy this and I absolutely want to hear from you! Thank you all for supporting this music.

Its you, me and The DWB against the world!