The Daveys

The Daveys


We are The Daveys; priding ourselves on live shows we are performance hungry animals who deliver fun like its our jobs. Four rabble rousers creating euphony from three Drums, three cymbals, sixteen strings, some harmonica, keys, and kazoos to boot! Check out our music!!


In December of 2007 a rockocracy known as The Daveys was formed. Hailing from San Francisco, Portland, and Chicago these are four young ruffians who will not be denied!!
This biography is still in progress....


Runnin' On Fumes

Written By: Patrick Mac Kenzie

Birds and dotted lines on a mist covered bridge,
Sky is clear behind but the road ahead is dim,
Yeah we ride, we listen to the radio,
Songs they sound new but they old.

Yeah there's signs linin' up the side of the road,
They know how far and what for,
I suppose we all might go there,
Somewheres gotta be better than nowhere.

We'll keep on chasin' till there's nothin' left to catch,
Just know the spirits real,
We'll keep on chasin' till there's nothin' left to catch,
Just know the spirits real.


Written By: Max Bien-Kahn

I guess our time has come,
This five day dream is endin'
I'll probably never see you again,
But we sure had our fun..

Only timing could defeat us,
Drinking wine till daybreak
personal pinners to the face,
Lived a life Luxurious...

Oh no I think I let her go,
I did it all alone,
Oh no I think I let her go,

The setting was so perfect,
Views made me wanna learn to paint
but I took it all in anyway,
So hard to release it, release it...

I wish memories were stronger,
But your pretty face is fading
and your voice is getting distant,
I wish that we had longer, longer.....

Oh no I think I let her go,
My God I did this all alone,
Oh no I think I let her go,

Photo bring back pain,
Foods tasting all the same,
I know I lost this game,
I'm not a praying man
at this point I'd do anything to see your face again...Oh



Written By: BK

Rumbling rolling
tossing turning
I am drowning
I am hurting.

I'm too young too die
I try to reach the sky
but I touch the ocean floor
What was I looking for?

Frantic panic
kicking harder
lungs are burning
getting darker.

Here come the morbid thoughts
Is this the end or not?
Can't see through water white
this is my final fight.

Clock is ticking
Ocean's winning
End the struggle
Time to breath in.

Is there a better place for me
than in the endless sea?
Drift out to the abyss
Make my final wish.


We just finished mixing our first album up at supernatural sound studios. We recorded thirteen tracks in three days, though it is still in the process of printing! We will record more, there are plenty of songs we just don't have the dough yet for recording equipment or studio time.

Set List

In terms of song-writing proficiency we have written more than forty songs (that we are proud of) in the last six months and have 1-3 more a week. As of late we have been doing fifteen to twenty song sets that are about an hour to an hour and a half long (we have played two full shows in a single night before). If you would like a full list of our repertoire contact us and we can send it to you. We don't play covers except out of the blue; we have probably only played about three covers (the kinks, violent femmes, the misfits,..?) in the bands set list history.