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Ada, Oklahoma, United States | SELF

Ada, Oklahoma, United States | SELF
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"From music studio to movie set"

By: Rebecca Vaughn
Posted: 9/25/08

David Hayes, a part-time resident of Gulf Breeze, has released his first full-length solo album, been sponsored by an MP3 manufacturing company and recently finished up filming for the Sundance movie "Unchained Melody."

This is all from a 25-year-old guy who said he never thought about being a professional musician.

"I've played music for 17 years now," Hayes said. "But I didn't start taking it seriously, I mean, thinking of it as a career path."

That is until he was playing at a coffee shop in March 2007, where Ray Vaughn, a record promoter for the Southwest region, approached him.

"He said he liked what I was doing, and that I needed to get something recorded and keep doing this," Hayes said. "I was pretty excited about that, and I immediately got in the studio, and put out my first real album in September of last year."

An avid surfer and board sports athlete, Hayes finds inspiration for his music through his favorite activities.

"I try to draw from my experiences on the road, in the water, and in the fresh mountain powder to create music that tells a story and is emotionally relevant to my experiences," Hayes said on his MySpace page.

His album "Peace and Waves," which features 16 songs, has a mellow style to it and a sound similar to that of Jack Johnson's.
The song "Byron de Marse" off of Hayes' album will be featured in a music video on the DVD of "Unchained Melody."

Hayes, who will have four songs on the "Unchained Melody" soundtrack, received the opportunity to be in the independent film while he was performing at a ski resort in Mammoth Mountain, Calif.

"There was a movie writer, Tanner Redman, who just happened to be at a show I was doing, and he liked my material," Hayes said. "I didn't think anything of it. Then around Christmas of last year I got a call from him and he asked me if I would be able to play with film crews around, and if I would be able to play myself. Of course I was like, 'Heck yeah, I can do me.'"

The suspense thriller, which Hayes described as a "modern day Julius Caesar," is set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah at the end of January.

"I've never thought about acting," Hayes said. "To kind of get thrown into a lead role playing myself in a full-length feature film was kind of an awe-inspiring thing."

Although Hayes was playing himself in the movie, it wasn't as easy as it sounds.
On the second day that he was on set, Hayes said he had to do a difficult confrontation scene that involved portraying several emotions.

"We did this scene over and over for 12 hours a day," Hayes said. "You'd have to get in this state of mind. You had to not look like you're acting. At the end of that day my emotions didn't know what was going on with me."

Other than being "emotionally exhausted" on occasion, Hayes said he enjoyed the experience.

"To have the time of your life, and have an experience you never would have believed, it was incredible," Hayes said.

Although Hayes said he'll be talking to record companies after the release of "Unchained Melody," he isn't making any career moves until then.

"I'm waiting until December when I shoot the video and premiere the movie in January, and I'll go from there," Hayes said.

To hear songs from Hayes' "Peace and Waves," visit his MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/davehayes13.
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"Local man to portray himself in movie"

Brenda Tollett

February 11, 2008 10:41 am

— ADA — An Ada man will soon star in a PG-13 movie that is loosely based on his musical career.
David Hayes begins shooting “Unchained Melody” March 8 in Mammoth Mountain, Calif., Hollywood and Los Angeles. “The DVD is scheduled to be released the end of May or early June,” he said.
Hayes plays the part of himself in “Unchained Melody,” a suspense movie with a plot of jealousy and anger between lifelong friends. Actor and screen writer Tanner Redman plays the part of Hayes friend, Rory.
The movie opens with five friends traveling to Mammoth Mountain to see their friend play his first really important concert. Although Hayes was previously unaware of his friend’s jealousy of Hayes’ talent and success, it becomes increasingly evident as the movie unfolds.
Rory stops taking his medications and the two best friends go head-to-head in a war about the past, present and future. Add two con girls and a mysterious man who are out to steal Hayes’ guitar to the mix and their lives become more confused.
As the struggle between Hayes and Rory’s friendship unfolds, suspense builds as to how the men will resolve their conflict.
Former Adan Byron de Marse, Hollywood actor and model will also appear in the movie. Byron de Marse, known in Ada as Chris Johnson, graduated from Ada High School in 2000, and has appeared in several movies and television shows, including “Carpoolers” and “Shooting Sizemore.” His latest project is “American Asian.”
“Unchained Melody” is produced by Finding Darwin Films and directed by Tanner Redman and Mike Gereld. The screenplay was written by Tanner Redman and Ryley Bodenstab.
Hayes is the only person involved in the movie that is not a member of Screen Actors Guild.
“Unchained Melody” DVD will be available at Hastings. It will be packaged as a double-disk that will include the movie and some of the soundtrack music by Hayes.
Hayes’ CD, “Peace and Waves,” was released in September 2007 and is sold in the United States, United Kingdom, Thailand and Australia. His music is the default music on MP3 players manufactured by Mach Speed Technologies in Ada and has been distributed on a million players.

- Ada Evening News


New album due 2011

"Beautiful Girl" Single 2010

"Peace and Waves" 2007

"Songs for Surf and She" EP 2006

"Voluntary Encore" EP 2003



What do you get when take a pastor's kid, roll him in Mozart & Beethoven, dip him in the 90's Post-Grunge scene, and then sprinkle him with a love for the outdoors and acoustic rock?

Meet David Hayes.

David started his musical life by drumming in his family's church band. By the time he was 8 years old he had migrated his talent to the piano, studying and relishing giants of the Classical and Romantic periods. As teenagers tend to do, David became interested in rock music... and the electric guitar. Creed's Mark Tremonti became his hero and unwitting guitar teacher, and remained as such until David finally met his future love: the acoustic guitar. Lured by artists like Dave Matthews, John Mayer & Jack Johnson, he set his hands and burgeoning songwriting abilities to the acoustic guitar, causing a chain reaction of artistry.

Having found the perfect vehicle to carry his live performance and original material, David's career started moving fast. He has released several albums (including, most notably, "Peace and Waves", the 2007 effort that garnered significant radio play in his home area), and has had songs placed on millions of Mach Speed Technologies' MP3 players worldwide. In 2008, David played himself in the film "Unchained Melody", a role which enabled him to show an ever-increasing audience his unique brand of entertainment. His live performances have been refined over the years by significant touring, including stops at Sundance Film/Orion Music Festival and Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort.

David is currently putting the finishing touches on his next release, an as yet untitled EP produced by the talented folks over at LYNTT (Mat Kearney, Switchfoot, MuteMath, and many many more). The lead single, "Beautiful Girl", is already making waves. More waves to come.

No man is an equation. You can't simply add A and B and hope to get C; we are more than the sum of our parts. Whatever David's X factor is, it seems best illustrated by his own words: "I'll never be as good at being someone else as I can be at being me."