[david myers project]

[david myers project]


[david myers project] is a solo act that is uniquely set apart by smooth lyrics, catchy hooks, and poppy rhythms! his live show is one that will leave you in awe by how deeply he reaches everyone where they are...in love, sadness, humor, and wit. book DMP now and catch the vibe!


This is the section where I'm suppose to woo you into believing that I'm this huge artist that has his career all figured out...wrong. Nah, this is me just writing about who I am and why I play. It's not too long, not too boring, it's the bio spot that just makes you feel good and warm and fuzzy! So, here we go:
I grew up in West Virginia to a very musical family. I've been playing music since the age of 4, and it's been an awesome ride. I lost my first tooth when I was 5 and that was pretty cool because I got some money.
Man, I'm not good at this...All things aside, I grew up and started playing music as a career. It's been good to me and it will continue to be the driving source of me and my dreams! I write songs from a "life" standpoint...things that will relate to people and where they are. Anyways, take a look and listen, if you like what you hear, please don't hesitate to book me for your next event!


Mediocre (2008)
The latest release from red.sky.night. All songs are original except for a cover of Michael W. Smith's "All You're Missin". This pop/rock record is sure to please the toughest critic!

You Wanted Time (2003)
A record made while in the group Through the Veil. All songs are original and they were recorded by Barry Blair (former Audio Adrenaline guitarist) in Nashville, TN. David played bass and sang part-lead.

A Lesson in Drowning (2000)
David's first album...recorded at the age of 16. This record is a release of original songs and was recorded in West Virginia.

Set List

the set consists of two hours worth of 50% originals and 50% covers that everyone can sing to!!!