The day after...™

The day after...™


A female-fronted rock band hailing out of Las Vegas, NV and enamoring audiences throughout the country. Melodic vocals, driving guitars/drums, and stage presence all in one tight package. With well over 500 shows under their belt from touring and playing locally!


"A dense onslaught of guitar and wailing vocals that wears its rock & roll heart on its black T-shirt sleeve." Rolling Stone Magazine issue 1010, Oct. 5th 2006!

"Great job on the disc!(Counting All The Upsets) You guys sound great! Thanks for throwing me a copy and good luck with the shows. YEAH, baby. Hope to see you on the road this year!" Brian Viglione, of the DRESDEN DOLLS.

Diverse. Unique. Fascinating. Just some of the words that have been used to describe this three-piece rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada…and that’s just they’re look. Being musically linked to such genres as alternative, indie/pop, post-punk, emo, college/easy, garage rock, they have found themselves put into just about every category that is even remotely rock related and the diversity of the bands in which it has played with has reflected that. The thing is that at one point or another, all categories have made sense.
With influences of Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Face to Face, The Foo Fighters, Placebo, and Sunny Day Real Estate, The day after... has released two EP’s and released their full length "COUNTING ALL THE UPSETS" in 2005. After playing with bands such as Joan Jett, Angels and Airwaves, Hawthorne Heights, Soul Asylum, Face to Face, Eve 6, Local H and making a name for themselves at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2005 and 2009. After the release of their full-length album "A DIFFERENT WAY TO GET BY," The day after... is hard at work in the studio right now working on their new album "Black Heart Symphony" which has been self-released in May of 2009.

Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, Angels and Airwaves, Hawthorne Heights, Soul Asylum, Veruca Salt, Local H, Eve6, Face to Face, The Killers, Bowling for Soup, Switchfoot, Five for Fighting, As Tall As Lions, Meg and Dia, Blue Man Group, Damone, Atreyu, Daphne Loves Derby, Tsunami Bomb, House of Fools, TheSTART, Ronnie Day, Eighteen Visions, One Line Drawing, The Movielife, Vendetta Red, Vedera, The Outline, Killola, Girl In A Coma, The Myriad, Brian Jonestown Masssacre...

*Showcased at SXSW 2009
*#1 staff pick for 2008 on Area 107.9 for local bands
* "Car Crash" most requested song for 2008 on KOMP 92.3fm
*Opened for Angels and Airwaves 2008
*Opened for Hawthorne Heights 2008
*Area 107.9fm named Tda... as band to watch 2008
*Named as part of "The Absolute 100" bands to watch in '08 by!!! 8/07
*Worked with Planetary Group for radio promotions and being played on 160+ college radio stations across the country!!!
*Accepted to First Act Guitars Emerging Artist Program
*Opened for Joan Jett @ Hard Rock Hotel 2007
*Played New Music West Festival in Vancouver, BC(2007)
*Played to Hyperactive Music Festival (2007)
*Accepted to the 8th Annual Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival (2007)
*First unsigned band from Las Vegas to play South by Southwest (SXSW) 2005 (TX)
*December 06 Opened for Soul Asylum @ House of Blues - Las Vegas
*Played ROCKRGRL Conference 2005 (WA)
*Played Hyperactive Music Festival 2006 (NM)
*Played Quarters for Kids Benefit @ Cox Pavilion
*Played at 94.1 8th Annual Bite of Las Vegas w/ Switchfoot, Bowling for Soup, Five for Fighting and Blue Man Group
*Rebelpalooza @ UNLV w/ Face to Face, Atreyu, Guttermouth, Tsunami Bomb, Damone and other national acts
*Accepted to Connexion International Music Festival
*Music used at MTV's on the Strip 2005 @ Hard Rock Hotel
*Played Las Vegas Tattoo Convention 2004
*Winner of the Cheyenne Saloon Battle of the Bands
*Band of the Month on Groove Rock Gear Clothing
*Sponsorships and Endorsements from: Gibraltar Hardware, First Act Guitars, Dickies Clothing, Outlaw Eyewear, Penguin Magic, Ironhorse Tattoo, Knucklehead Strings, In-Tune Guitar Picks, Tank Farm Clothing.


fit of jealousy

Written By: Jenine Cali

Making your promises
Watching your lips move
I'm hanging onto anything
Every word you said to
Counting all the upsets
It doesn't seem to add right
I'm gonna fall to pieces
Will you sell me in time?

Can you see it in me
This fit of jealousy

What are you waiting for
Don't you trust in anyone
Whose hands are really tied
What are you afraid
I've given you everything
Have you gotten your fill
Turn off the TV
It's getting harder to sit still

Can you see it in me
This fit of jealousy

I want to shout shout shout it out

Brand New Skin

Written By: Jenine Cali

Can we start over
can we live again
bring it back to life
bring it back to begin

Something that's closer
to come rushing in
open my eyes
and try on a brand new skin

This is me holding on
This is me being strong

You've created a monster
preying the innocent
like to keep them pure
calling on their friends

You've painted a picture
of the hell you're in
we won't go down with you
but we'll see you in the end


Does it keep you awake



Do you feel better now? - EP
- Track 1, "No Regrets" receiving radio airplay
- Both "No Regrets" and "Sleep When I Want To" used on E! Entertainment's "Vegas Showgirls: Nearly Famous 2"
- "Ashtrays and Cigarettes" and "Headlights Like Stars" receiving airplay on 107.5 X-Treme radio.
- "No Regrets" the 4th most requested song on 92.3 KOMP Homegrown show 2003
- "No Regrets" 10th most requested song on Area 107.9 Local show 2008

The weight of all things - EP
- "One Armed Bandit" receiving radio airplay
- "One Armed Bandit" voted 2nd most requested song on 92.3 KOMP Homegrown Show 2004
- "These Stolen Skies" in rotation on 92.3 KOMP Homegrown Show

Counting All the Upsets - LP
-"Fit of Jealousy"
*to appear on VH1's Save the Music Compilation
*played on KOMP 92.3 and KXTE 107.5 as of November 2005
*voted 8th most requested song of 2005 after being on air for only 8 weeks
-Counting all the Upsets being sold locally at Hot Topic
-"The Last Time" used on the Hyperactive Music Festival Compilation

"A Different Way to Get By" full-length record!!!

Available online at these fine locations:, iTunes, Rhapsody, Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, FYE, Waterloo, etc.

- "Car Crash" added on new video game Popstar Guitar to be released on Wii and Playstation 2 November 18th 2008!
- Played on over 160 college radio stations across the country and Canada and still receiving spins!!!
-"Car Crash" added to regular rotation on KXTE 107.5, Extreme Rock Radio and KVGS Area 107.9 in Las Vegas.
-"Brand New Skin" and "Car Crash" played on KOMP 92.3 Homegrown Show
-"Brand New Skin" was the 8th most requested song on KOMP 92.3 for 2006 after being added to the list for only 3.5 months!!!
- "Car Crash" #1 most requested song on KOMP Homegrown show 2008


- Released May 2009
- "Black Heart Symphony" #2 most requested song on Local Area 107.9 FM for 2009
- "Lights Off" #4 most requested song on Homegrown show on KOMP 92.3 for 2009

Set List

Sets usually run from 35min to 45min depending on the venue. Can play 2hrs of music if necessary!

8. HUM