the daydream exchange

the daydream exchange


we bite styles...


formed in summer of 05 by music school acquaintances derek george and colin garrity. reginald kachanoski started attending their loose jam sessions soon after. these three formed the core of the band through various member changes and configurations, and worked in relative obscurity for well over a year. with "sounds from the back of bus" they began to hit their stride and began to garner some attention. trevor deck joined and the band started to write more material.


we are currently recording our first 5 song e.p. which will be completed in late april. we have an earlier recording, a song called "sounds from the back of the bus" streaming from our myspace site.

Set List

we play original compositions. we play a single set of 6 songs whcih is 45 minutes in length.

set list:

(1) morning after a waking dream
(2) sounds from the back of the bus
(3) last flight of the kite fighters (vocal stab style)
(4) architextures
(5) I/O
(6) popcorn massacre