the day fish band

the day fish band


The Day Fish Band is the creative outlet for songwriter David Hisch. Their debut release "dancing along the dingy days" was produced by Superdrag's John Davis. Although grounded in roots/rock, the band has drawn comparisons to artists as diverse as the Grateful Dead, Tom Petty, and Firehose.


The Day Fish Band is an organic band.
David Hisch didn't have to search for a band members to play his music, he just started inviting his friends to sit in and jam on his "solo" acoustic gigs. This kept things very interesting, essentially re-inventing song arrangements with every live performance. Although early shows featured between 2 and 5 members, they have honed in on the current 4-piece line-up as the best representation of the music.
After meeting (and jamming with) John Davis of Superdrag, he came on board to produce their debut record "dancing along the dingy days".
The record was completed in nine days at House of David studio in Nashville, TN. with a number of cuts receiving radio airplay.


the day fish band - dancing along the dingy days
"chrysler" getting airplay on classX radio.
also getting airplay on WAIF, WOXY