the Daylytes

the Daylytes


Described as “Elvis Costello in a street fight with the Foo Fighters outside a Who concert” the Daylytes bring you their music with an attitude., Whether it be a rocker or a mellow song the intensity is the same.


Formed in the spring of 2000 by English singer/songwriter Mat Hammond and American guitarist/songwriter Nate Shivers, along the way they recruited L.A. bass player Steve Flores and Texan Ralph Barr on drums. With Hammond’s “accented vocals”, Shivers “soaring guitar” and the “solid backbeat” of Flores and Barr the Daylytes are attracting attention at each and every show, a fact proved by CD sales.“Putting the song first” has always been the band’s motto. Drawing inspiration from the emotional highs and lows of everyday life their songs have found a niche with audiences across the country and beyond.The Anglo-American influence has benefited the Daylytes in many ways. Their hi-bred musical style has enabled the band to appear on shows and be on play lists that feature a variety of musical genres.SPIN is the first full length collection of songs from the Daylytes with plenty more to come.


Wake up Call

Written By: Shivers

lost in your own imagination
of AM waves you surf radio
looking through all your televisions
of what you want to be video

do you feel the world turning
for you while your hearts burning
will you break from the fall
this is you wake up call
do you feel your head spinning
for you were lost from the beginning
will you break through the wall
this is your wake up call

you could pull this off if you would
just sit tight tell me what you know
(you're lost in your radio)

Wish I never met you

Written By: Shivers/Hammond

you sit me down
i watch your eyes
fall to the ground
you say the words
I've been afraid to hear
you stand up again
and ask me what I'm thinking
does it really matter anyway

and I wish I'd never met you
but I can't change the past
no matter how hard I try
and the feeling that I'm getting
is I'm better off without you
and I can't explain why

maybe this is what I wanted
what you gave me
I guess I'll take it
"this is for the best", I say
but did I really mean to say it?
oh time, what a waste
what a shame
thought I was in love with you
what do I do?what a year for me
what a year for you as well inside
what a year for you
what a years for me, wher


Written By: Hammond/Shivers

I loved you, I lost you
I know the love was better than the loss
I hate you, I made you
I know I'd take you back at any cost

hey now, hey now
I think we could be alright
hey now, hey now
we could make it through the night

if the stars collide
if the stars collide
if the stars collide over you and I
I think we could be alright

i feel you, I'm in you
I know you think you wanted something more
i changed you , rearranged you
soon you'll find me standing outside your door


The White CD/EP
Zone FM radio Compilation 2002
Zone FM radio Compilation 2003
Current CD: SPIN. National Distribution.
(featured on present National tour.)

Radio: College radio promotiom : airplay and charting.
FM radio airplay.

Set List

Three hours of material. Featuring CD tracks, covers and new songs. 1.Intro. 2.Wake up call. 3.It’s over. 4.Portland.5.Checkerboard.6.Last word.7.Wish I never met you.8.Collide.9.Princess of insomnia.10.Dream in colour.
11.Manipulation. 12.Spin.
13. Novacaine (new). 14. Die another day (new). 15. Figure of eight (new). 16. Blow it away (new). 17. Sunday world (new). 18.Pulling Punches (new).
19.Brings me down (new). 20.Outer glow (new). 21.The Days (new). 22. Nothing at all (new). 23.Beautiful weather (new). 24. Launch (new).

1. Kid's are alright. Who.
2. Eleanor Rigby. Beatles.
3. Peace,love and understanding,
Elvis Costello.
4. I will follow, U2.