The Day Of

The Day Of


We are more than music. We are passion, we are vision, and we are drive. Without hope dreams cannot come true, without love life is meaningless. To teach love to a nation is to give hope to all in need. If words are not spoken change cannot be made.


The Day Of released their debut album “Awaiting Takeoff,” in November of 2007. Since the release of the album, the 5 steadfast members have embarked on a mission far beyond that of expectation. Receiving much critical acclaim for their debut effort, the band has had overwhelming success. Receiving spins of their first single “You Don’t Have To Do This,” on over 160 radio stations world wide and counting. The band has also had the honor of sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry. The Day Of, however, has not allowed their new found success to get in the way of the mission at hand. With new songs, a polished live show, and a passion for what they do, the band is motivated and ready for a long ride down this road known as music. .

"Awaiting Takeoff" brings forth a new and innovative band. Referred to as “The Future” by many critics, TDO has soared onto the scene. The Youthful 5’some consisting of Nick Hickman (Vocals), RJ Helton (Rhythm Guitar), Greg Compton (Lead Guitar), Derrick White (Bass), and Matt Malone (Drums), are embarking on a journey to become revolutionaries in their respected Genres. “We want to be more than a cd, we want to work hard to improve what we do, and try to place our unique stamp on this world.”--Nick .

The Day Of has a vision of changing the world for the better, as well as reaching more than just a target audience. “Music is a reflection of self, if people know and understand what our music is about and who it is for, than they will truly understand who we are as a group of musicians. Our music is not just for a particular group of individuals, it is for all who are capable of hearing.” --RJ. The music presented by The Day Of addresses many topics relevant to all who listen. Ranging from addiction to sucide, to death and new life. Topics in which all are familiar with in some way. With a debut album under their belt, the band is now hard at work preparing themselves musically as well as spiritually for the road that lies ahead. So be sure to check out the bands debut album “Awaiting Takeoff,” available world wide now, and see for yourself why this band is the future. .


You Dont Have To Do This

Written By: The Day Of

Verse 1:
Little Brittany man shes only 17 years old, shes in a situation that to her it feels so cold, see she was blessed with a beautiful baby girl, such a wonderful gift to give to this world, but Brittanys life its getting harder everyday, if she could she says she would throw it all away, she says she takes the drugs to help her through the night, but she dont realize that shes taking her own life, so we look her way and we softly say, theres a love that overcomes all this pain

You dont have to do this, you dont have to fight, because the battles already been won for you and I, you dont have to do this, you dont have to cry, because the love of God can take the pain away, you dont have to do this

Verse 2:
Little Nathan man hes only 15 years old, hes in a situation and its starting to get old, hes been pushed to the edge one to many times, his angers taking over and its hard to rewind, little nathan gets tormented everyday, its not his fault his mom and dad ran away, so he gets a gun and says its better off this way, with me not around the world will be a better place, landmines keep going off in my head Im terrified would I be better dead, so many nights ive cried and blead tears of sorrow for words of love that remain unsaid, all alone I carry my shame looking for ways to hide the pain, but still I go insane, and my heartache and scars remain the blame, what if I told you I was just like you, what if I said everything youve been through ive been through, sometimes all we need to hear is words of encouragement to shake the fear, to know that in the moment of bliss man, we dont ever have to do this


So when you think that your life is over now, search for the strength to get by somehow, theres always a better way, thats why its important to always say



"Awaiting Takeoff"
1. Be With You
2. It Should Have Been Me
*3. Here We Are
4. In The Secret
*5. You Dont Have To Do This
6. Never Far From Grace
7. The God You Are
8. My Friend
9. Take Love
10. Childs Eyes

* - Songs receiving radio play worldwide

Set List

1. What If You Said No
2. Promise Me
3. I am There
4. You Dont Have To Do This
5. See You Through
6. Simply Amazing
7. The Fight
8. Here We Are
9. It Should Have Been Me
10. Be With You
11. In The Secret
12. Running Away

Cover Songs
1. Jesus Freak (Dc Talk)
2. Ocean Floor (Audio Adrenaline)
3. Meant To Live (Switchfoot)
4. Where Is The Love (Blackeyed Peas)
5. Home (Daughtry)

We can play anywhere from 30-80 min.