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"The Day Of- Awaiting Takeoff"

“ If you haven’t heard of this band before get ready because you will be soon. The songs found on Awaiting Takeoff sound like those of a well-seasoned band. All of the parts are tight and the song arrangements flow perfectly from track to track.” - Christian Rockers Online

"The Day Of- Awaiting Takeoff"

“Hailing from America, the Day Of ( have mastered the art of Christian alternative rock….When you have songs as catchy and radio-friendly as this, the paint-by-numbers aspects become quite appealing. Give the Day Of a shot; you won't regret it. They may even save your life.” - Whisperin and Hollerin

"The Day Of embody the next generation of Christian Rock"

"The Christian alt scene has been around long enough now that a new generation of bands are appearing which were inspired by the first wave of self-proclaimed Jesus Freaks. Among this gradually overcrowding population is the Day Of, a tuneful foursome with a passion for Christ but also a keen sense of how to rock.” - Overground Underground

"The Day Of- Awaiting Takeoff"

“Christian rockers The Day Of could easily compete with any of today's popular spiritual acts, whether it be secular crossover stars P.O.D. or praise & worship favorites Casting Crowns. The indie hipsters will scoff; however, fans of CCM radio stations or positive rock & roll in general will be rotating this in their iPods for quite a while. I certainly am.” - INK 19

"The Day Of rock with infectious passion"

“I don’t think the Day Of will have to await taking off for very long. This is certainly one of the most polished and nicely packaged unsigned Christian alternative groups today. I sincerely doubt that this band, if they decide to stick together for the long haul, will remain unknown for that much longer. Rockers like “It Should Have Been Me” and the Coldplay-like “You Don’t Have to Do This” present a group that is on the verge of busting out of the gates - and they know it. You can hear the confidence in Nick Hickman’s voice; his passion is infectious, making you hum nearly every chorus on this CD no matter what your spiritual background is.” - Post Alternative


"Awaiting Takeoff"
1. Be With You
2. It Should Have Been Me
*3. Here We Are
4. In The Secret
*5. You Dont Have To Do This
6. Never Far From Grace
7. The God You Are
8. My Friend
9. Take Love
10. Childs Eyes

* - Songs receiving radio play worldwide



The Day Of released their debut album “Awaiting Takeoff,” in November of 2007. Since the release of the album, the 5 steadfast members have embarked on a mission far beyond that of expectation. Receiving much critical acclaim for their debut effort, the band has had overwhelming success. Receiving spins of their first single “You Don’t Have To Do This,” on over 160 radio stations world wide and counting. The band has also had the honor of sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry. The Day Of, however, has not allowed their new found success to get in the way of the mission at hand. With new songs, a polished live show, and a passion for what they do, the band is motivated and ready for a long ride down this road known as music. .

"Awaiting Takeoff" brings forth a new and innovative band. Referred to as “The Future” by many critics, TDO has soared onto the scene. The Youthful 5’some consisting of Nick Hickman (Vocals), RJ Helton (Rhythm Guitar), Greg Compton (Lead Guitar), Derrick White (Bass), and Matt Malone (Drums), are embarking on a journey to become revolutionaries in their respected Genres. “We want to be more than a cd, we want to work hard to improve what we do, and try to place our unique stamp on this world.”--Nick .

The Day Of has a vision of changing the world for the better, as well as reaching more than just a target audience. “Music is a reflection of self, if people know and understand what our music is about and who it is for, than they will truly understand who we are as a group of musicians. Our music is not just for a particular group of individuals, it is for all who are capable of hearing.” --RJ. The music presented by The Day Of addresses many topics relevant to all who listen. Ranging from addiction to sucide, to death and new life. Topics in which all are familiar with in some way. With a debut album under their belt, the band is now hard at work preparing themselves musically as well as spiritually for the road that lies ahead. So be sure to check out the bands debut album “Awaiting Takeoff,” available world wide now, and see for yourself why this band is the future. .