The Day Release Program

The Day Release Program


Our repertoire can be discribed as Alt Rock...for the most part. There are elements of Classic Rock and also Electronic. Very heavy on the rhythm and melodies...just to give it that 'thick' feel.


The Day Release Program

Spring 2006. It was a warm Saturday evening outside the Waldorf Hotel on Hastings Street in Vancouver. The Day Release Program were unpacking guitars and drums into an empty bar in preparation for their debut performance. Moral took a sharp dive during sound check knowing their first audience would consist of two bartenders and a couple of waitresses. As the evening progressed the venue started to fill. First with friends, followed by thirsty music lovers roaming the streets looking for a fix. The few vacant spots left were soon filled by a colorful array of men and women who decided to take five from their fetish party happening in the basement. The band jumped on stage in front of a full house and delivered an evening of superb entertainment, clearly making their mark as a huge contender in the Vancouver rock scene.
Ever since, The Day Release Program have been winning audiences over using heavy rhythm, tight harmonies and infectious melodies. Peter Lemon, Matt Rose, Geoff Petrie and Aaron Mckinney are each singers, multi-instrumentalists and veterans of the performing arts who have come together to take the west coast by storm using a multitude of instruments from electronics to pedal steel.
Their debut release of Blue Collar Slobs has received radio play on local University stations and has been met with enthusiastic acclaim.
If the past year has been any indication, the future for these four rockers is indeed a bright one. From here on in there’s nowhere to go but up.


Blue Collar Slobs

Written By: P. Lemon

Busted and caught in a fever
One day I know i'll get it right
Sell your dreams for something cheaper
I guess this really does explain... why?

The blue collar slobs
Have they lost all composure
The blue collar slobs
They'll never push us over

This is the business of selling out
Who wouldn't want to live this way
Submerse in all the things you love
I guess this really does explain....why?


I grit my teeth and play my roll in society
I can't believe the lies I have to say
If this goes on for much longer
I'm afraid I might become



Blue collar Slobs EP
Released January 2007
Blue collar Records

Set List

Our set list consists of all original material.....that list is as follows....

Burn Up
Hip Hip Hooray
Last Fish in the Sea
We Don't Care
Damn Fine day
Not Broken/Just boring
Let it Ride
Hailed for Quiting
Blue Collar Slobs