Portland, Oregon, USA

American Gothic


Sonically challenging and beautifully dissonant this three piece from Portland, Or. deliver driving hypnotic rock ranging from rolling grooves to crashing waves of sound. velveteen vocals glide over snarling bass, angular beats, and swirling guitar for a sound verging on Blue Cheer had Kevin Sheilds produced it.
Rock-psych-shoegaze-pop, call it what you will. These are the days.


Celebrity/Pregnancy/War EP (2006, self released)
"Lost You Low," "from day one," and "doves" have received radio play on 94.7 FM (KNRK), 90.3 FM (KEXP).

Set List

Set list varies widely. Generally about 30-60 minutes. We play all originals.
One possible variation:

the gospel
san juan
reach for the sky
all i can do
how would you
but i... (adore)
el dorado
40 nights