The Day Street Brothel

The Day Street Brothel

 Kingston, Ontario, CAN

With 20 + years experience combined, The Day Street Brothel gaurantees you a professional sound and attitude at every performance... You Haven't Seen Or Heard anything until you've Seen Or Heard THE DAY STREET BROTHEL!!



DOUG SMITH – Songwriter, Lead Vocal, & Lead Guitar
RYAN PUGH – Vocal & Bass Guitar
JONATHAN BERRY – Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocal
AL OLNER – Drums

After polishing his musical chops for years with a stint as a Lead Guitarist in a rock band from Kingston, Ontario, Doug Smith decided to bring his vision of what the ideal Hard Rock band should sound like to fruition. Recruiting former band mate Al Olner to helm the DSB drum throne, former Stone Cross & PYNCH front man & guitarist Ryan Pugh for Bass Guitar duties, & newcomer Jonathan Berry to control the Rhythm Guitar slot, The Day Street Brothel busted down the doors of the Kingston Hard Rock scene in March of 2009 with their debut album, THE DAY STREET BROTHEL, a CD full of hard rock at its finest, & an essential addition to any music lover's library. The disc boasts such hits as “Heaven Sent”, which received radio play on Kingston’s K-Rock 105.7 & is featured on U.S compilation CD Auditory Assault on the Bare Metal Records label. Standout songs including “Speechless”, “Untrue”, & “Tales From The Day Street Brothel” have become crowd favorites at many live DSB events. In March 2010, Doug would come in at a very close 2nd in a songwriting contest hosted by Rockstar Supernova front man Lukas Rossi, with the following statement issued by Lukas Rossi himself – “We would like to give Honorable Mention and a special Ontario shout-out to Douglas Smith of Day Street Brothel! Doug’s entry was killer and we were very impressed. We would like to invite Doug and his mates to the next Lukas Rossi show in Ontario as our guests. Check out Doug’s band Day Street Brothel at:”
The band's soon to be released sophomore album, PRESSURE DROP, continues in the same formula as THE DAY STREET BROTHEL CD, combining Doug’s dynamic vocals with arena ready melodies, gravely lyrics with crowd-pleasing riffs to churn out a record full of fist-pumping rock. With standout tracks like "I Don’t", “I’m Alive (Because Of You)”, & “Gonna Make You Mine”, the latter being featured on the 2008 compilation CD “Chill Out” on Quickstar Productions label out of Maryland, don't be surprised if you find The Day Street Brothel at the top of the rock charts and beyond, with their music appealing to rock fans and non-rock fans alike.

Enter The Day Street Brothel, Welcome To This House Of Sin!!



The Day Street Brothel - 2009
PRESSURE DROP - Late Summer 2010

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