The Daze

The Daze


Indie music coloured with touchs of wet paint and buckets of rain with good shoes, a good book collection and instruments that just seem to respond better when they're hit HARDER. More twang than growl but more dream than twang and always talking about the world, and the self - in words and in music


No influences. Influences were getting in the way, so it was decided recently to remove them entirely from the fray. No history. History is pointless and boring. Band stories are something that only bands want to read, so we'll skip that. We've got guitars and we hit them regularly. Sometimes we play keyboards and sing as well. The general idea is to build something interesting to listen to. To write something that will be in our heads as we cross to the supermarket to steal pistachio nuts midway through practice. To write words that will have people wondering what and why. To deliver in such a way that people UNDERSTAND. Etc.


ee wrote the propaganda

Written By: Mac Domhnaill.

When I'm finished admiring the weather
I get myself some wax and feathers
Climb up somewhere high and jump to the sky
If my wings fall apart I won't take that to heart
It was worth a try

And when I'm finished with optimism and realised everything my life isn't
I'll lock myself in bed and stay in my head.
There's got to be some way out of here that I can't see yet
But not...

I've got mirrors to be Icarus if I could only get the smoke
But all this masturbation is getting to be a joke
I'll stay around with the TV on to avoid the negative dreams
ee wrote the propaganda and it made me wanna believe

I was young, but now I'm grown, now I'm grown and now I know.

The elation of the first time fades
Born a cynic, got worse with age
Used to think "maybe glory?"
But that was all just sound and fury
There has GOT to be someway out of here
Let's go.

All the little people staring at the birds
The crazy things that people do because of pretty words
All the pretty flowers and all the pretty whores
There's nothing more disheartening than endless closing doors.

There are some things nothing can surpass


Car Crash in the Bedroom demo (2006) - Car Crash In The Bedroom//Shapes and Lines//Afraid of People//Question One

Dragon in the Woodshed demo (2006) - Dragon in the Woodshed//ee wrote the propaganda.

Dragon in the Woodshed's been played on Phantom FM, it's the closest thing to a single we could claim.

Set List

Car Crash In The Bedroom
To The Kids
ee wrote the propaganda
Dragon In The Woodshed

40-45 minutes. No covers.