The Daze

The Daze


Scottish Indie wall of sound, classic songwriting pop band, confident, cool, destined for great things. Massive live sound, chorus and hooks any band would die for. Oasis meets the Stone Roses but better. U gotta hear it to believe it.


The Daze formed in January 2007. Fastest rising and most respected new band on the Dundee indie music scene, on the heals of the likes of The View, The Law & Luvva Anna, the band have kept a very respectful reputation as being a fantastic & exciting live band. The have self released 2 E.P, with shows across the country including a Indie Club opening night in Sunderland supporting 90's Indie outfit, Northern Uproar. Last year gracing Belfasts legendary venue The Limelight. While also performing for STV midst 08. The band have had record company interest from down south, but have turned it away as they want to keep control of what is there's. 2009 has started with a bang, with local radio and Manchester radio previewing the new E.P. With a tour lined up for the summer and an E.P release the band plan to take 2009 by Storm, you have been warned.


The Daze E.P - Release 2007
1. She Was
2. Come Undone
3. Catch Me If I Fall
4. All The Same

New Day Dawning E.P - 2008
1. Young Free & Easy
2. Never See That Day
3. New Day Dawning

Airplay on
Tay FM (Dundee)
Moray Firth Radio (Inverness)
Nessie's Den (Manchester)

Set List

New Day Dawning
No One Knows
Young Free & Easy
She Was
Catch Me If I Fall
Standing On My Own 2 Feet
Come Undone
All The Same
Music Is My Maker