the dazzling strangers

the dazzling strangers


The Dazzling Strangers is a loose affiliation of knob twiddlers, string benders & noise makers led by former Stratford 4 singer Chris Streng. We make sounds that we don't hear elsewhere and attempt to stretch the boundaries of minimalism without being pedantic about it.


The Dazzling Strangers are poised to establish themselves in the firmament of outsider pop music. Their debut album, The Stars Are Ours is an 11 song meditation on minimalism, romance and beauty.
Band leader Christopher Streng established himself as an astute song-writer in his previous group, the Stratford 4, who's 2 albums for Jetset Records received glowing reviews from Rolling Stone, Pitchfork Media and others. Inter-band squabbling caused the S4 to split after their Ric Ocasek-produced debut for Elektra Records was shelved. Previously, Streng fronted Wave, an early incarnation of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with Peter Hayes and Robert Beene.
The Dazzling Strangers is a distinctly different proposition. Using a revolving cast of musicians from San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, the recording sessions were loose and spontaneous. Often, the songs were captured first take and occasionally, the recorded version is the first time the band had played the song together at all. The free-wheeling bon-homie of the recording sessions was grounded in Streng's vision that the music adhere to droning minimalism of the Velvets and Spacemen 3 while espousing the rickety naivete of Beat Happening. The remaining tracks on the disc were recorded at home in Nevada City, California and feature Streng playing all the instruments himself with stylistic nods toward krautrock, folky blues primitivism and the fashion-conscious output of Englands El Records.


"The Stars Are Ours" debut full length cd out now.
"Poor Petey Libertine" & "I Destroyed Myself" used in the film "Almost Everything" by Grammar School Pictures.

Set List

Sister Cyclone
Stella Gonet
Single Girl on a Sunday Morning
Different Drum (Stoney Ponies cover)
Always Late
Waiting on a Friend (Rolling Stones cover)
Sister Cyclone (reprise)