The Dead Americans

The Dead Americans


Female-led Northwest rock band. X meets the Dandy Warhols, Jefferson Airplane meets Nirvana. Wendy O. Willams meets Hendrix. Solid rock band for dancers and listeners alike.


The Dead Americans are a touring five-piece rock n' roll powerhouse based out of Eugene, Oregon. Featuring dual lead male/female vocals, they've developed their own X meets the Dandy Warhols/ Jefferson Airplane meets Nirvana alt. rock/post punk style. Smart lyrics, great musicianship, and an ass-kicking live show with eye candy. They've been described as a "Traveling Greek Festival of Music", as they keep the show going on and off the stage. A true party on wheels, and a breath of fresh air into the live music scene in a world plagued by corporate cheese rock and hapless posers. Join them in the fight for musical freedom as they slay the fakes with their fun-loving, anarchistic spirit and undeniably bad-ass rock sound!!!



Written By: Zak Johnson/The Dead Americans

Turn on the news to watch the world exploding
What goes around comes around
Must be a reason for this fear and loathing
What'd you expect to go down?
The American Summer's turning into winter
Life in the hills won't be the same
The powers that be have sold us up the river
We're just pawns in their game

Lies of the past have now become the future

Dumbing it down, now you spread it around
Used like a whore--it's what they want us for

Land of the free looks like slim pickings
Your way of life is getting scarce
Look at Old Glory--now she's flying ragged
Like our lives, the fabric tears
Now all the gears in the machine are wearing
Looks like it's time to build our own
Death of the life on which we were depending
Turn your head, and then it's gone

Fears of the past have now become the future

Ain't it a shame? There's no one to blame
Wiped ourselves out--beyond a doubt

Lies of the past have now become the future
Fears of the past have now become the future............

Love and War

Written By: Zak Johnson/The Dead Americans

Nothing's fair in love and war
When people starve and food is tilled into the soil
We see grown men acting like boys
When all of God's children are fighting over oil

Too much life in the fast lane eventually will slow you down
Find yourself caught in slow motion while the rest of the world is spinning around

A family of two is living for ten
When you want too much, you can never get enough
You put up a fence and locked yourself in
Now you're a prisoner to all your pretty stuff

You just wasted a lifetime never learning what you're here for
You say you gave your life to God--Yeah, but while you're running off to fight in a war

It's a waste of time to pray for mankind
When an honest man is hard to find.......


The Boy Who Shot Out the Sun (2006)-self released
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New album, "Devolution", featuring "Cryin' Sunshine" and "Paper Doll" coming soon!

Set List

Typical set is 80 minutes, largely original material. 5 hours of total music. Covers might be from alternative bands (Butthole Surfers, Bikini Kill), or punk bands (Buzzcocks, Wipers), but are very rare.