the dead are those who have died
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the dead are those who have died

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"CD review, december '08"

Ryan Clark's rarefied brand of brutalist noise is the product of a superlative command of a primitive and unconventional setup. Wielding a Flying V-looking guitar, various guitar preparations, two distortion pedals and a Traynor amp jacked up to infinity, Clark produces a striking range of sounds. And the polyphonic weaving of these sounds is a distinguishing trait of his work. While many are content to just make a harrowing racket, Clark's work is far more dynamic and layered, encompassing a variety of levels of intensity and gestural contours. Soft, bell-like timbres are interrupted by torrents of radio static that give way to abstracted Sonny Sharrock-styled screes and then queasy feedback swells. The sum is more like a furious version of Tod Dockstader's early tape works than what one would expect from one dude with a guitar facing his amp without the aid of any fancy pedals.

- Nick Storring - Exclaim


reject the past.

new material in the near future.



Gnosis would be one state that is strived for through a kind of pure psychic automatism, a kind of shamanism. This helps to bring into being the experimental reality inhabited by the dead are those who have died. Despite the erotic brutality of this fixation, there is a quiet euphoria in the hyperconsciousness of sound nurtured by this way of playing. He achieves this through an almost cannibalistic dedication to the precept of direct over conceptual experience; the experience is in the flesh. In accordance with this knowledge, he rejects the majority of western music as a perversion of its own intent. TOWARDS the mystical! TOWARDS the metaphysical experience! The magickal practice of channelling destruction is his creative cycle of death and eroticism.


hyperconsciousness of sound nurtured experience Despite the erotic. TOWARDS the flesh In accordance with gnosis through. dedication quiet of its own intent. rejects the majority. rejects automatism. He achieves this through those who have died, experimental reality. reality inhabited by the dead intent.

rejects. the dead


All change is subject to existance.

Death is the mystical body of eroticism's metaphysical experience. Autoerotic shamanism as a cannibalistic direct experience EXPLODES! Reality, dead to the channel of the pure psychic, cannot inhabit the space of the experimental reality. It creates, in its place, a hybrid entity that is neither experience nor concept but magick.

rejects reality

The dead are those who have died was started in Toronto, in 2007.