the deadbeat club

the deadbeat club


i write songs that are observationaly honest and effective to my personal rationality. which basically means that i talk alot of shit in various pitches and climates. my songs aren't my life, they are more than that. and people feel what i say because i couldnt mean it any more than i do.


im an americana folk singer who was raised in the ethics of punk rock. my songs are nourished by no account liars, dive bars, lonely roads, and comrades. alot of people write songs. my songs wrote themselves.


soon to be updated my ep is getting pressed and will be in hand in 2 weeks. vinyl 7''s soon to follow.

Set List

i have a few bushels of songs and play diffirent sets each time i play. i have played for two hours consecutive and can again, but would prefer not to. what i enjoy live music for its organic nature and i think creating a menu kind of defeats the purpose, which is one of the benefits i can afford with a decent amount of material.