The Dead Betties

The Dead Betties


Mesmerizing live, The Dead Betties are an artpunk trio that combines Sonic Youth's and My Bloody Valentine's virtuosity and sound with Nirvana's rawness and Public Enemy's aggressive socio-political call to arms.


The Dead Betties are among the most challenging and talented artpunk bands of our time. Musically, The Betties match the sonic intensity of pioneers Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, combined with tightly-structured and highly provocative songwriting—think Madonna mixed with Marilyn Manson. Thematically, The Betties are first and foremost inventors, innovators and revivalists, combining Nirvana's raw angst and rage with Public Enemy's aggressive socio-political call to arms. Lyrically and socially, the band is proud to challenge, inspire and offend, forcing their audiences to question themselves and the world we live in.

Known for their relentless intense and charismatic live performances on stages large and small around the US, The Dead Betties have shared the stage with The Gossip, Shoplifting, Nada Surf, Von Iva, Demolition Doll Rods, Genghis Tron, The Stalkers, Aa, Make Believe and Davies Vs. Dresch.

Their self-released full-length, “Summer of ‘93”, picked up for distribution by both Heartcore Records and Donna Dresch’s legendary Chainsaw Records immediately, and has charted high at college radio stations all over the US and Canada. With several major indie labels currently tracking their trajectory and laudatory reviews rolling in for “Summer of ‘93”, The Dead Betties have an extremely busy and promising 2006 before them: a showcase at this year’s SXSW, followed by relentless touring and plans to record and release their next full length, “High Anxiety”. Without a doubt, The Dead Betties are a band to watch in 2006.