The Deadbillys

The Deadbillys


The Deadbillys are a four piece band from Santa Barbara, CA. with the ability to tone down and be a Dark Country western band or a Fast Paced Hillbilly band where you can cut a rug and burn down the barn.


The Dead Billys started in Early 2000 with their own variety
of “Voodoo Country“ a genre of music that ranges from Johnny Cash and
The Misfits to Merle Haggard meets The Cramps.


"Genuine Hellstomper" Independenlty Released in 2001
Currently recording a new cd

Set List

1. Unknown
2. Jackson
3. Walkin’ on her Grave
4. Ghost of a Texas Ladies man
5. Back to Back
6.Jarret Overton
7. Ace of Spades
8. Dodge City Demons
9. Harper Valley P.T.A
10. Halloween
11. J.R.C
12. #13
13. mother of Earth