The Dead Duo

The Dead Duo

 Whitley City, Kentucky, USA

this band is about energy and combatence against each other. its a dual at all times to see whos up to par or better then the other. guitar vs drums in a heavy rock blues way. iv been told if Nirvana played the blues they would sound simular to us.


We were created from being friends talking about our musical differences at the time. Until one day we decided to jam together and see what we could come up with. since we were both kinda show offs of our instruments it was alot of noise at first. But we soon met in the middle and loved each others work, and wrote 5 songs in a day. songs that were catchy and fun and had alot of energy.
We are a two man band. Me C.J. Williams (guitar, vocals keyboard) and Alex Gilreath (drums, vocals) we play hard but NEVER metal. just good ole rock n roll blues. and some country western.and we are strange but very fun and very loveable. we have played lots of partys and outside events and captured a wide audience here, but its not enough we want to brance out to the world We are from a small town in kentucky that does not apreciate indie music or anything out of the ordanairy.
influences would be..son house,robert johnson,johnny winter,clapton,hendrix,johnny cash,willie nelson,led zeppelin, sex pistols, loretta lynn, black sabboth,the rolling stones, the black keys, the white stripes, the dead weather, black rebel motor cycle club, the brian jonestone massacure, the black angels, queens of the stone age, wolfmother.. I could go on for days. we love to create new sounds and diff ways to play simple song struture.I write produce and record all of our music.


We have a Demo of 5 tracks, currently working on a full album. but we got a ruff demo you can check out on my myspace band page. we got offers to play on a local radio station and a station in lexington ky once the album is finished. heres a myspace link.

Set List

The Noose Blues
I Don't Wanna Stay
The Dammed Truth
Give Me Help
Hear Me Say

and however many you will let us do.