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"CD Review"

What can i add to a statement that i recently read from a fan on a Dead End Cruisers blog: "The CD rocks all the way through?" Perfectly defined and done with a minimum of words. This is one energetic group of rockers and one solid block of sound. But expect neither ting nor twang from these bad boys. This band has stretched and twisted Rockabilly into a pink giraffe clown balloon. And after listening again and again, all I can say is "Please sir, may I have another?" The band starts things off right with "Psycho Baby," a tight little love song about a man, a crazy woman and the pain she brings him. The infectious beat and innocuous theme continues to haunt me today. And I mean that in a good way. "Devil Eyes" is about another young lady, this time a tattooed lady. It's a bit slower than "PB" and a little more touching and heartfelt. But before you get all lovey dovey, things speed up with "Grave Dancin'." It has a great beat, rhythms and nuances you want to hold close and a maniac singing about getting drunk and dancing on graves. Why dance on one's daddy's grave? Musical differences. And then there's the song, "How Did I Get This Way?" which explores overindulgence and relationships. It's a CD of sin, sin sin. The band knows one of the secrets that makes a song worth hearing over and over - a complex set of musical phrases that tease the ear and soul with just enough repeats to make you want to hear it over just one more time. I humbly declare this band officially rocks well.-Reviewed by Richard Davis - Ol' Skool Rodz Magazine

"CD Review"

The Dead End Cruisers - A Thousand Miles Of Whiskey and Sin

The Dead End Cruisers blend aspects of southern rock, rockabilly, and punk for a truely hellacious album! Punk pacing, whiskey soaked vocals, heavy guitars with a southern rock drive and rockabilly twang, while the drums and bass keep a rhythm that gets you bobbing your head before you know it.

The only complaint about A Thousand Miles Of Whiskey and Sin is it's only seven songs long. But its one hell of a ride through those seven! To sum it up, The Dead End Cruisers are what the Misfits would be if they played roadhouse rock.

Choice cuts are "Psycho Baby," "Satan's Caddy," and "The Phantom Of Main Street."

The Dead End Cruisers get a 4 out of 5 for A Thousand Miles Of Whiskey and Sin. - Tastes Like Rock Music Magazine



Track list:
1.Psycho Baby
2.Devil Eyes
3.Grave Dancin
4.How Did I Get This Way
5.Satan's Caddy
6.My Baby's Cryin
7.The Phantom of Main Street

Radio airplay:
Devil Eyes
Satan's Caddy
My baby's Cryin



CONTACT PHONE # (484) 335-8575

THE DEAD END CRUISERS hail from the trailer park and the local speakeasy, where they were raised on rockabilly, punk rock, and hard liquor. After polishing their collective talents, these southeastern Pennsylvania boys have sharpened their brand of rock-N-roll to a razor's edge, which becomes apparent on their debut album A THOUSAND MILES OF WHISKEY AND SIN.

Knowing damn well the cream really does rise to the top, hard work, patience, and professionalism are just a few strong traits that this band has in spades. This attitude has allowed THE DEAD END CRUISERS to break attendance and bar sales records, as well as allow members to share the stage with Marilyn Manson, Saliva, Killswitch Engage, and name a few.

THE DEAD END CRUISERS wrote and professionally recorded their entire first album (A THOUSAND MILES OF WHISKEY AND SIN) before their first live performance. The album lays a concrete foundation with haunting melodies, swinging beats, infectious rhythms, and nuances. "A complex set of musical phrases that tease the ear and soul with just enough repeats to make you want to hear it over just one more time."- Ol' Skool Rodz Magazine.

THE DEAD END CRUISERS are an energetic group of rockers that possess an image that honors their sound, and a powerful stage performance. With the inception of their own label (Northmont Records), they are able to independantly market their music and remain a self-sustaining entity; able to perform any time, anywhere. The Cruisers are well on their way to achieving their goal: leave no crowd unrocked!