The Dead Flowers

The Dead Flowers


The Dead Flowers are a truly unique sound blending various styles of rock and roll ranging from the 1960s to the present. Young, aspiring, hard working, and backed by a rocking, energetic live show, the Dead Flowers are an up and coming Indie/Rock band out of Trenton, NJ/Philadelphia, PA.


The Dead Flowers formed just outside of Philadelphia, PA in early 2005. With the bands eclectic tastes, they created a unique sound blending music from the 60's through the 90's. Their influences range from Bob Dylan to the Kinks, and from Wilco to Oasis. The Dead Flowers have been booked along the east coast at many reputable venues including Philadelphia's Pontiac Grille, and New Jersey's Kat Man Du in Trenton and The Stone Pony in Asbury Park. The Dead Flowers are exciting, as well as promising, and always pack a powerful and exciting live show. Constantly keeping busy with playing shows, the band is set on extending their fan base with an East Coast tour follwing the release of their 2007 EP.


Bring It On Home EP (2006)
Dead Flowers EP (to be released May 2007)

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Set List

The Dead Flowers have an original repritoire of over 30 songs and setlists vary from show to show, ranging anywhere from half an hour to two hours. If covers are needed to fill an extended set-list, the band plays a variety of covers derived from many of their influences ranging from Bob Dylan and he Rolling Stone to The Replacements and the Kings of Leon.