The Dead Letter Insignia™

The Dead Letter Insignia™


The Dead Letter Insignia™ is an uncontrolable force. Their shows are entertaining and powerful. Nothing will stop this cyclone.


The Dead Letter Insignia™ formed in January of 06 in Portage, Indiana. Rising from the ashes of Seconds From Silence,One Step Behind and M.a.t.e. They are determined to take the local scene by fire and controversy with a diversity that is sure to get everyones attention. They are a perverted mixture of metal hardcore and punk with influences from The Misfits, Tool, Deftones, and 36 Crazyfists. Thier lyrics are comprised from a life of drugs, alcohol, politics, and emotion. Everything that that can tear you down and bring you back up screaming. A total war of the senses. With only playing out for a few months now they have been gaining in popularity. These boys give it their all at thier shows. Pushing thier musical abilities and bodies to the absolute max. A live show with The Dead Letter Insignia is nothing short of amazing. Not only does thier music capture you, but their stage show makes you want to get up and be apart of it. These are true entertainers, doing it not only for the music, but for thier fans. They demand your full attention and recieve it in abundance.
"We are here to break the barriers and to destroy the mainstream. Either fight or lye down and die there is no in between. "



Written By: Randall Farley

suicide machine on a warpath you know you cant stop that everybody get back oh my god here he comes again you better get the fuck away

step back here comes the retract hes gonna snapback here comes the rubberband

i been sentenced to death but im alive making room at the end of the line destroy anything in my way the execution waits

these kamikaze dreams and sucicidal screams this is the essence is the meaning of my very being,i live to make you think i breathe to make you hate that fuckin lookin upon your face is just so second rate so try to kill the cause come try to stop the kid just when you thought death i live.

suicide machine on a warpath everybody get back you know you cant stop that oh my god here he comes again you better get the fuck away from me.

step back heres come the retract hes gonna snap back here comes the rubberband

And She Screams

Written By: Randall Farley

And she screams at the world.

how intensive the way that you dialate your eyes to see the world you mess concentrate on losing face the losing race your winning at a fascinating speed and i must say that im impressed i guess that you forgot that your important to someone somewhere somehow from all the poision that your arms seem to injest just dont forget that in the end your best defense is killing you now you are the joke we get to laugh its all in jest.

and she screams at the world ans its something that she cant fight strong effect from a weak design calculated and cold inside where did she go blind

i guess its sad to know your future is clouded by needles and pain you verses everyone else that knows your name your funeral is at hand your walking amongst the dead you dont even know it

bleeding dulls the pain

and she and she screams and its something that i cant find emptiness from a weak design cold and calculated inside when did we go blind where did she go blind

A Call For War

Written By: Randall Farley

one by one the dictator decides your fate taking fathers from there children everyday with no emotion he sends you off to be destroyed you get kicked around like his dog

but you cannot get to me your lives are to decieving and the populus has spoken life is not at your dispose you cant take that from me and one day we will stand up youll never take that away youll never take that away youll never take that from me youll never take this muthafuckin pro destructive voice

kill the king watch him bleed fade away damn insitution must crumble stand up against them dont let them take away anything youve worked for dont let them take that away

and our unity our unity can paralyze until the demon sleeps lets take back our freedoms like they take everything but remeber youll never take it away youll take that away youll never take that from me youll never take this muthafuckin pro destructive voice

cowards hide behind there defense you coward you fuck up you think you got us down to our knees well stand up youll fall down and then well have our fuckin revenge on you you will pay for your sins your adminstration will fall down theyll stand up the powerless left for dead concentrate your damn instituion must crumble

this is a call for war


We have just recorded our first three song demo. This CD is free to dowload on our mysapce. We also are giving them away at shows to our fans.

Set List

a call for war
and she screams
the new pornography
rubber band
temper, temper

8 songs
45-50 min set