The Dead Lotus Society

The Dead Lotus Society

 Denver, Colorado, USA

NOTE: This is an accidental duplicate made by the anxious new guitar player (me) who should have checked to see if his band was registered first.....this will be removed soon. Please see our other EPK!! Thank you!


The Dead Lotus Society hails from Austin, TX, and have made their way to Denver, CO to continue melting faces in a highly active and supportive scene. The DLS has defined itself as a female fronted metal act waging a full-frontal aesthetic war against perceived mores and norms. Breeding a variety of alternative musical genres with the philosophy of a Palahniuk novel, Hyatt and her band mates call the masses to raise their fists and get angry. The time for being apathetic and complacent is over.

In 2010, the band appeared on the 2010 SILENCE ALL TOUR with Seven Year Existence, Austin's first annual BITCHFEST, Texas ROCKFEST and Come and Take It Production's Austin Metal Showcase.

In 2011, the band moved to Colorado and recruited new members (bass & 2nd guitar), and was nominated for the Denver RawAwards.


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