The Deadly Hearts

The Deadly Hearts


The Deadly Hearts cram all the great music of the 20th century into one tequila-soaked rock n' roll dancin' party! Exotic blues, dirty R&B, desperate rockabilly, heartbroken country, garage, punk, I don't know, Hawaiian music? It's good, okay?


Craig Buckley and Myles Deck: Friends/musicians - Like the sounds of primal rock 'n' roll, R&B and Canadian Indie. Inspired, they book a gig for their yet to be formed band. ??
STEP 1: Get members
Enter Jake Thurgood, bartender at Gus' Pub - local watering hole - who pours the two baby drafts. Upon discovery that Jake is playing Hasil Adkins on the jukebox, the two inform him that he is to play guitar for their new band. Later that night, the trio are lead to Bearly's house of blues & ribs by the sound of a Banshee. After stepping through the door they find that the voice belongs to Ben Manuel, karaoke star and punk rock bass player. The line-up is complete.
STEP 2: Get sound
Band has a great chemistry, shaky practices ensue. Jake describes experience as "almost homoerotic." Band spends the next few weeks learning a set of covers from their rock 'n' roll libraries as well as writing a few originals. Multiple name changes take place. Finally settle on the Deadly Hearts. Band plays a handful of shows around town and wins over the hearts of adoring drunkards.
STEP 3: Get album
In old Mullet space up at the Khyber, band sets up and self records their debut E.P. The result: a record that embodies everything that's good about rock 'n' roll.


The Deadly Hearts -Self-Titled Debut E.P. - August 2011

Set List

Moon Walk
The Wobble
As the Night Ends
Hand Shake
Space Horse(come down off your)
Little Red Riding Hood
Something Else
My Baby Cried
TIme of Day
American Nightmare