The Dead Lyres
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The Dead Lyres

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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The band has been in the studio strumming, bellowing and hitting things and an EP is on the way!



Different elements of the musical landscape converge to form a perfect storm that is 'The Dead Lyres'. Certain times there's the slightest breeze accompanied by a minor tease of rain. Other times, there looms a sonic thunderstorm. A rolling, undulating current with ominous intent.
This band dwells in the nether reaches of fringe experimentation, yet flirts with melodic hooks as they yearn to spell the masses into a deep, hypnotic trance.
Thom Anthony croons low on tracks like 'Brother', then hits stratospheric highs in the song's crescendo. His range of vocal dynamics is presented in harmony with the band's accompanying moods. Thom also pilots the acoustic guitar, which he flies straight down the mid-range of the band's turbulent horizon.
Marijo Herceg is a finger-plucking bass wizard who's movements are dictated by mood and music, making for a strong stage presence. Whether pulsating like a jackhammer on kettle drums, or sparsely accenting the most foreign of barren landscapes, this performer is one to see and hear.
Chris Stanfield likes to drum outside the box and shrugs off convention. Inside this strange animal lurks an eclectic blend of personalities. From atmospheric tinkerer, to caged metal maniac, to quiet understated time keeper, they all come out to play when it's showtime!
Listen to The Dead Lyres and hear sounds of past and present, new and old, interesting and familiar. See them live, and feel what it's like to stand in the eye of a hurricane. Utter tranquility surrounded by chaos.