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The Deadly Romantics

Falkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Falkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom
Established on Jan, 2014
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"Uber Rock"

Blessed with one of the finest band names of modern times, and with an album named after one of my favourite movie genres, Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics follow the 'Do You Wanna Rock and Roll?' and 'Starfucker' EPs with 'Sexploitation', a fucked-up full-length containing a right dirty dozen songs (secret track not included).

Opening the album with the title tracks of those two previous extended players, it takes but a couple of trashy minutes to discover exactly where these new Romantics have come a-crawling from - the gutter.

(Smut) peddling an infectious (as an STD) brand of grebo sleaze that sounds like an early version of The Almighty when Ricky Warwick was on his most overzealous Zodiac Mindwarp kick and, seriously, not getting enough of the other, Mr. Thunderfuck and his band offer lowbrow lyrical tales of sex, sluts, sex, screwing, sluts...and sex. Oh yeah, and a healthy spattering of primal rock 'n' roll fist punching, air guitaring and shape throwing.

'Porn Star', '(I'm A) Rock Whore', 'Fucked By Rock and Roll', 'Down On Me' - hardly song titles at the cutting edge of musical originality but, y'know what, Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics couldn't give a toss - ethically, at least - and gawd bless them for it.

Staining the speakers with an old school production that fits the scuzzy, spunk-fuelled sound riot like a lubed glove, the band (of which there appears to have been many... ummm... members) dribbles a load of garage metal over the body of the stereo, while (vinegar) stroking the ears with a surprisingly shape-shifting amount of bad-ass glunk guitar flying solo all over the place.

Imagine that brief moment when W.A.S.P. were good and, apparently, dangerous, fucking like beasts, women on the rack, and smear it over the back catalogues of The Mentors, Macc Lads, Dwarves, Ted Nugent and Venom, adding a somewhat unhealthy amount of NWOBHM and a welcome stab or three of searing gutter punk 'n' roll geetar, and you have Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics.

Despite tales of unhappy club owners and multiple post-gig banning orders, Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics still manage to find clubs willing to book them. This winter they will find themselves supporting aged glam neverdies Tigertailz; something tells me the sick sex won't be reserved exclusively for the headliners. - Written by Gaz E



There is a school of thought that says that music should expand the mind, broaden the horizons, provoke thought and debate, maybe even comment on social issues. Another school of thought says that music should explore the human condition, expose angst and longing, strip back the layers of the Soul…

Yeah right…

There is another school of thought…

Taking the fight against Political Correctness to the streets and the red velvet boudoirs of rock and rollers everywhere Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics employ all the subtlety and finesse their name suggests in delivering their steaming Rock and Roll payload.

It’s not big, it’s not clever and it ain’t pretty but that’s largely the point. What it is, is the kind of stripped back Rock and Roll that people like Zodiac Mindwarp started off doing well years ago (before they stopped doing it so well). It’s fun, it’s dirtier than Steel Panther, gritter than a truck of grit and it has that pleasing uneasiness where you think “hey these guys are singing about f***ing my girlfriend but they’re joking right…” It’s that possibility that these Deadly Romantics might on occasion take themselves a bit seriously that is slightly unnerving!

Starting off with a sweet ballad was never really rock and roll, so thankfully ‘Do You Wanna Rock And Roll’ isn’t. Thunderfuck doesn’t have the best voice in that way that Johnny Rotten didn’t have the best voice – it’s just the voice that you imagine when you hear the songs, quite frankly Dio wouldn’t cut it here or fronting the Pistols.

Sounding like a bastard child of The Ramones, The Almighty, Motorhead and Circus of Power with lashings of Love Reaction musically we’re dirty Rock and Roll with squealing guitars and several large portions of attitude.

It’s not subtle as we said, not even remotely original but it offers its own guilty pleasure. Lyrically it’s pretty much sex, groupies, sluts and misogyny, now these days people get annoyed by that even if they know its tongue in cheek. Guess what our advice would be? Correct – if that might offend you then this probably isn’t for you – and you know what everyone is entitled to their opinion, just not the right to push it one anyone else.

As you can probably imagine “Starfucker’; ‘(I’m A) Rock Whore’; ‘Down on Me’ and ‘Fucked by Rock And Roll’ are pretty much as you’d expect lyrically and musically they kick decent arse! If you want some good dirty fun I bet these guys kill it live.

Highlights (or lowlights if you prefer) are certainly the uplifting ‘Fucked By Rock and Roll’ and the rather amusing anti-love song ‘Obligatory Love Song’ that proves that they do have a multi-dimensional sense of humour, and strangely it smells a little like Mott the Hoople to me! When they play it straight like on ‘Ain’t Too Old (To Rock ‘N’ Roll)’ and single 'New York City' it’s actually pretty good too. And hidden track – a swing version of ‘Fucked by Rock And Roll’ hint at a cross-genre monster… If you’re not too timid and have a skin thicker than your old gran you might just enjoy this.

There was one thing that really upset me about this release though- there are three songs with Rock and Roll in the title and only one spelt Rock ‘n’ Roll. Come on guys get your shit together! - The Rock Pit


Gruff, attitude driven vocals like those found on The Deadly Romantics debut EP are what make sleaze rock so great. They are the dirty sounds of the underground, spewing anger through their sonic attack. Scotland's The Deadly Romantics have captured that anti-establishment attitude that made bands like Circus Of Power cult heroes.
The title track, and by far the best of the four songs, is overflowing with disdain and some great lyrics such as; "I got 24 hours in your shitty little town, I don't have time to sit and fuck around." You quickly get the feeling that these guys would get as much pleasure from 'curb stomping' their fans as they would from playing music for them.
The remaining three songs don't reach the lofty heights of the first track, but the band shows great promise as the bad attitude never wavers. If punk rockers are so pissed off with the establishment and the world, why don't they sound as angry as The Deadly Romantics? This band pulls no punches as they crap all over Emos, Indies, New York and women in general. I'm sure some of these lyrics will offend, but isn't that the entire point?
"Fortune and fame are gonna pass me by, but I got one night to give you and it's gonna fly" sums up the ethos of many sleaze rock bands. Bands that are too offensive for the mainstream, so instead they find their niche playing for a small group of rabid fans. The Deadly Romantics are one of those bands...Zodiac Mindwarp (who is thanked in the liner notes) would be proud! -

"Deadly Romance"

As earnest as anything that came out of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, this perfectly embodies the anger and primal energy of punk whilst marrying it to a more straight ahead rock approach. Endearingly basic in its approach, the production is spot on for this type of music, keeping the sound suitably primal and perfectly in keeping with the overall tone of the songs. They've got a vocalist who can't exactly sing but can growl lyrics in a clear manner so you can hear every word and that's a blessing because opener "Do You Wanna Rock'n'Roll" has lyrics that are worth listening to, but... they're all on the inner sleeve if there's something that you didn't quite catch!

Indeed, the lyrics of all of the tracks are not for the faint hearted and remind me of spoof bands like Skrapp Metal and The Bloody Stools who both went for the "so over the top it's almost funny" approach. So, not one to be playing in front of your mother or rugrats then. Still, putting that to one side, the zero frills music behind the four tracks here (bass, drums, guitar and by the sound of it - no overdubs) is something of a blessed relief from so much of what I get to hear these days.

This is going to split people right down the middle. You'll either love it or hate it. No middle ground. No compromises. But I suspect that's probably what they'd prefer. For me it's going to be a guilty little pleasure.

by Phil T. -

"Pure Rawk"

This is one of those moments where I’m struggling to work out whether this EP is the best or worst thing I’ve heard this month. Basically, imagine if you gave four Zodiac Mindwarp fans a budget of about £7.50 or so, a crate of Stella, some cheap ‘n’ nasty speed and told them to go and record four tracks.

Basically, these guys sound like thoroughly disreputable scumbags of the worst kind – you get three Zod-style songs about shagging (the title track, “Fucked By Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Scream My Name”) plus a song about how much they hate New York (“New York City”) and by the end of it, you’re pretty convinced that you really wouldn’t wanna leave your girlfriend in the vicinity of these guys for any length of time.

My advice – go track down a copy if only to scare the local indie kids. -

"Rock Report"

The Deadly Romantics, a bunch of near-perfect specimen of the male variety that you would just love to introduce to your mother, started out their business in Canada. If it was forced or not remains in the open but they moved to Scotland (a place known for inhabiting some of the strangest creatures known to men) to continue what they started and that’s playing a vicious form of rock ‘n’ roll.
This EP contains four slabs of music that hold references to Rose Tattoo, Twisted Sister & Zodiac Mindwarp without ever coming close to the level of their heroes. Singer Thunder talks more than he actually sings & in both the musical and production department there’s much room for improvement which doesn’t mean that it’s all bad.
I couldn’t help but shout along to some of the blasphemies Thunder came up with and basically had a good time listening to the whole affair. -


Sexploitation - The Canadian Demos - 2007
Do You Wanna Rock and Roll EP - 2008



Starting in the Summer of 2006 in Hamilton, Ontario, a local singer songwriter, calling himself "Thunderfuck" recruited a bunch of dirty looking rock and rollers to form "Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics". Over the following 12 months the band would win several readers polls, share the bill with acts such as Tyla from The Dogs D'Amour, Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction, Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars and Steve Santini, the crazy escape artist. They managed to get nominated for Best LOUD Recording at the2007 and 2008 Hamilton Music Awards.

Referred to as the “Malcolm McLaren of Hamilton” by local notable, Thunderfuck decided to re-locate to the UK at the end of 2007. Recruiting Fudd on Guitar, Gordie 5 on Drums and Calvin Kunt on bass, the band pushed their way onto the Glasgow Music Scene.

The band is hevily influenced by the classic rock of the 70’s such as AC/DC and Rose Tattoo and their 80’s influences would have to include The Quireboys and Guns’n’Roses, throw in a little bit of The Wildhearts and you will get the picture. The most obvious comparison has been to the High Priests of Love, Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction.

The band have released several EP’s, the latest being “Do You Wanna Rock And Roll” gaining favourable reviews in magazines such as the prestigious “Classic Rock”.

Their full length CD, titled “Sexploitation” was relased in 2014, the band have no hope of ever sharing the stage with Bon Jovi, but hey, “Do You Wanna Rock And Roll” or not??

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