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Zinndeadly has carved out an impressive genre-bending musical career over the last ten years. Responsible for the music behind Eminem’s first Top 10 radio hit, Zinn has made records with a number of other Grammy-nominated rappers such as Mystic, Planet Asia and Killah Priest [Wu-Tang Clan], and has collaborated with such hip-hop luminaries as Cut Chemist (Jurassic 5) and Iriscience (Dilated Peoples). Not to be confined to one world, Zinn’s musical palatte and it’s emotive and inspiring textures has led to an auxiliary career in film and television. His instrumental compositions, which run the gamut from hip-hop to downtempo to electronica to reggae, are bringing his sound to an even larger audience and further establishing him as an artist with a complex and compelling aural vision. Lately his association with Dena Deadly (a veteran of work with DJ Muggs, Tricky, Will I Am and Scott Storch) has been bringing much attention and accolades to his sound. Together they took first place in the International Songwriting Competition HipHop category last year and are finalists once again this year. Look for The Deadly Twins to be invading your sonic space in the near future...


Choose One

Written By: Big Dro, Mystic

Choose One

Six million ways to live - Choose one
Get your head right get your mind right
Then run it
Six million ways to live - Choose one
See yourself in a better light
Strive and become it

I live to make beautiful music for man, woman and child
Fathers with mouths to feed and brothers on trial
Mothers with hours to work before they get home
To catch up with daughters before they're already grown
The pace of the race be moving rapid and traffic bumping
Pumping something deeper by the man trying to reach something
Speaking at street functions lacing the minds of
Folks with focused eyes I'm hoping they find love
We build and we rise up a city the size of imperial majesty
Conquer the travesty
Get it right son, Life is such
A long road through the unknown, we ride the rush
Whether your ride is plush or barely enough to get us over the hump
Bump the symphony, remember we
Are the masters of the century (emcees]
Nothing happens instantly
The precious prize is only meant for he
Moving intensely, thirsty, stray on the controversy
Focus on my family firstly
From the burst that birthed me to my own first son
The love is one
No reverses once the verse is begun

Six million ways to live - Choose one
Every way to die has already been done
Six million ways to live your life
Follow in the dark or look for the light
But you should know even the road to joy is paved with sorrow

It's six million ways to live - Choose one
There's an opposite for everything like moon to sun
They can't exist without each other - that's the pleasure and pain
Two pieces to the puzzle of this fucked up game
Man, you say you're a lifer but you struggle for what?
I let you trace my scars and examine my cuts
The world is such that it's hard to see
The destruction of my people makes it hard to breathe
And there's thieves in the night - they're stealing our dreams
Saying there's no options for babies to dope fiends
But I've seen the sickness makes you passive
Unable to reflect the light, just sinking in the ashes
This is music for the masses, oppressed and underclass
One way to love your life and fuck the plastic type-classes
Music for the masses of oppressed and underclasses
It's six million ways to live through the tragic

Six million ways to live - Choose one
Every way to die has already been done
Six million ways to live your life
Follow in the dark or look for the light
But you should know even the road to joy is paved with sorrow

We reach millions over beats spilling deep feeling
Keep wheeling past street villains keep killing
Keep climbing guided by the man who speak rhyming
Seat lining silver like a chrome spoke shining
My own folks grind on the slope sliding
Out to slay something just to get the pay jumping
It's a million ways to fill a day I tell them save something
Put away a piece in case your currency cease
Keep the anger on a leash because the beast bites back
Can't slapbox the system [Why?] the system's a mack
Have you tripping off the sidewalk curb
Drunk off sly talk and herb word I know you heard
But your head was hard
I pray I never see a prison yard
You hear the hustle and envision large
But it's small-change gain from role play
Ain't no role models - follow what your soul say

Six million ways to live - Choose one
Every way to die has already been done
Six million ways to live your life
Follow in the dark or look for the light
But you should know even the road to joy is paved with sorrow


Albums / EPs / Singles:

2006 – The Anonymous Instrumentals (1993-2000)
(ITunes exclusive) 20 Instrumentals from The Anonymous, Moonshine, and Vertigo days.

2006 – The Anonymous – Dedicated Lp
(ITunes exclusive) Digital re-release of remastered classic Ep. Features guest appearances from Eminem, Iriscience, Living Legends, and many more…

2006 – The Anonymous – Green & Gold EP (Re-issue)
(ITunes exclusive) A full album of previously unreleased Anonymous tracks dating from 1998-2000.

2006 – The Anonymous – Weep No More (Re-issue)
(ITunes exclusive) Previously released under the name Moonshine. Contains the original track listing plus four previously unreleased gems. Guest appearances from Cut Chemist & DJ Drez.

2006 – The Anonymous – Swells of Abstract (Re-issue)
(ITunes exclusive) Previously released under the name Vertigo. Contains the original track listing plus four previously unreleased gems.

2006 – Lock & Load Compilation
(Copter Records/Studio)
"Champions" featuring Killah Priest, MainFlow & Soulstice.

2005 – Zinndeadly Sampler
Twenty tracks featuring collaborations with Mystic, Big Dro, J.B., Desperado and The Deadly Twins plus a number of instrumentals.

2005 – US Beats Sampler
(CDPool UK)
"Once In A Life" - The Deadly Twins

2005 - MainFlow - Notebook Assassins
(Wannabattle Records)
"Champions" featuring Killah Priest, MainFlow & Soulstice.

2004 – Jibaro Times: Chapter 1 Infiltrate
(Botanica Del Jibaro) - Japanese release
"U Ain't Fresh" featuring Panda One

2002 – Choose One - Big Dro & Zinndeadly 12" single
(GoodVibe Recordings/Fat Beats)
"Choose One" featuring Mystic b/w "Three O'clock Rhyme Session" featuting 427, Planet Asia, Phil the Agony & DJ Drez

2001 – Until We Die - Big Dro & Zinndeadly 12" single
(GoodVibe Recordings/Barak)
"Until We Die" b/w Count Scrilla

2000 – Zaire Black - Clear/Confusion 12" single
"Clear" featuring Zaire Black

2000 – Big Dro & Zinndeadly - Spank 12" single
(GoodVibe Recordings/Atomic Pop)
"Spank" b/w "Busted Melon" featuring Prophetix

1999 – The Anonymous – Dedicated EP
(GoodVibe Recordings/NuGruv)
Vinyl and cassette release. Guest appearances from DJ Mark Luv and DJ Drez.

1998 – The Anonymous – Green & Gold
(GoodVibe Recordings/NuGruv) Hugely succesful Ep release from The Anonymous crew with guest appearances from: Eminem, Iriscience, Divine Styler Medusa, Neb Luv, Living Legends & more.

1997 – The Anonymous – Cool Fantastic 12" single
(GoodVibe Recordings/NuGruv) Two legendary posse cuts featuring guests: Iriscience (Dilated Peoples), Medusa, Mystik Journeymen, The GrouchDivine Styler, E-Rule, Tony Da Skitzo, Nikko, Orah, Neb Luv, Awol 1, Jizz, Jyant, Asop & DJ Drez.

1997 – Moonshine – Origin of Species 12" single
"Origin of Species" b/w "Duck Season"

1996 – Moonshine – Weep No More Lp

1996 – Moonshine – Sad Sombrero 12" single
"The Sad Sombrero Song" b/w "Backstreet Gods" featuring Cut Chemist.


2006 - International Songwriting Competition (2005)
First Place - R&B/Hip Hop Category - "What We've Lost"
2006 - International Songwriting Competition (2005)
Semi Finalist - R&B/Hip Hop Category - "Runaway"


2007 - Let It Ride (Locomotion Films)
2006 - Something New (Gramercy Productions/Focus Features)
2006 - ROAM (The Collective)
2005 - New World Disorder 6: Unchained (Freeride Ent./NWD Films)
2004 - Abominable (Red Circle Productions)
2003 - Five Sides of a Coin (Canadian Broadcast Company)
2001 - Novocaine (Artisan Pictures)
2001 - MacArthur Park (HBO Pictures)


2007 - The Real World - Denver (MTV)
2007 - Bad Girls Club (Oxygen)
2006 - Pimp My Ride (MTV)
2006 - The Duel (MTV)
2006 - Yo Momma (MTV)
2006 - NFL - Under The Helmet (FOX)
2006 - The Real World - Key West (MTV)
2006 - The Gauntlet 2: Rookies vs. Veterans (MTV)
2005 - Extreme Makeover (ABC)
2005 - The Real World - Austin (MTV)
2005 - The Inferno 2 (MTV)
2005 - Damage Control (MTV)
2004 - The Real World - Philadelphia (MTV)
2004 - Road Rules (MTV)
2004 - Battle of the Sexes (MTV)
2004 - Six Feet Under (HBO)
2003 - Interscope Presents: The Next Episode (Showtime)
1997 - In The Mix (WNYC)

Sound Libraries:

2006 - Propeller Music Library (propellermusic.com)
2004 - Groove Addicts Hip Hop Library (Grooveaddicts.com)