The Dead Mantra

The Dead Mantra


Pop melodies hidden behind noisy guitars. Violent like a kiss. Soft as a knife. Sometimes will make you dance and feel sad at the same time.


The Dead Mantra is a French shoegaze band from Le Mans. We played with bands like A Place To Bury Strangers, Blue Angel Lounge, and released an EP and a split vinyl with Dead Horse One on Cranes Records.

We're now about to record a second EP and are available for gigs everywhere


- Path Of Confusion EP (Cranes Records, 2012)

- Split EP featuring Dead Horse One (Cranes Records, 2012)

Set List

- Anathema
- Zara Says
- Phosphorescent Black
- They Call it Pain
- It's true mental
- Inside
- Holy Dawn
- Empty Ballroom
- Don't Call it Love
- Soulless